While September 21 was an ordinary day for most of us,  twenty three seconds made that day extraordinary for one Cornell University freshman. September 21 marks the day young Joseph Bemlin lost his Virginity.


The young collegiate recalls spending the night consuming
alcoholic drinks with his friends at a fraternity event. While Joe had said he
was going to have sexual relations with women before, much to his dismay, those
plans never materialzed. Joe says he knew that night was “going to be the


 Joseph glanced
across the room where he caught the eyes 
of a young female, who for the purposes of this article shall remain
anonymous.  Joe in a fit of
confidence walked up to the dancing dame and began gently rubbing his genitals
against her behind. This common male courtship ritual is often labeled
“Grinding” by most young folks these days.


Joe told CB  “At
first I was embarresed when I got a bonor, but she really embraced it” he
went on to state “I knew I was finally going to get to use the condom my older
cousin gave me when I was 13″.


As this enchanting story goes, Joe brought the damsel back to
his room where they enjoyed consensual sex. While Joe recalls  enjoying the experience he admits to
having to initially having difficulty, “I don’t know if you could call it sex,
it was more like poking around In the dark”.


Joe later went on to  confess “I will admit that I cried a little bit
afterward, but after I called my mom I felt a lot better”.

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