Maybe it was the coffee, maybe it was the nerves, or maybe just an unlucky case
of IBS, but Matthew Johnson, a Junior Marketing Major at The Ohio State University
experienced a”¦sticky situation the other day while taking a final exam.
It was only 47 seconds into his Business management 510 exam, when he
realized he had to “drop the kids off at the pool”. A decision had to be made, and so, he handed in his test, took a zero, and left the exam room.
“It was bad news either way.” Says Johnson. “Either I was going to be sitting
there, possibly stinking up the classroom and ruining my brand new pair of underwear, or
I was going to take a zero on the test.”
So, take the zero he did. Unfortunately for Matthew, that zero ended up giving
him a failing grade in the class, and he now has to re-take that class next quarter.
A fellow student in the class, Amanda Rines, said she noticed something was
going on two seats down from her, but the test had just been handed out and she was
scared to investigate.
” I heard squirming around close by.” Rines said. ” I wasn’t even done answering
the second question on the test when all of a sudden I was being straddled by a guy,
wanting to leave our row.” She added ” Look, I wouldn’t make this up, but I swear, there
was something funky going on, you know, in his pants. My nose never lies.”
Johnson isn’t too thrilled about having to take the class over. It’s one of the
toughest courses in the Fischer School of business, and he only needed to answer four
questions correctly to get a passing grade. Not only that, but having to re-take this class
will put him behind. Forcing him to stay one quarter longer, and paying 6,000 dollars
more in out of state tuition for that term. But, Johnson says he doesn’t regret his decision
to get up and leave at all.
” My mom always taught me to go to the toilet as soon as you feel something is
coming out. I think that day, I really did her proud.” He said.