The CCC has been speculated about amongst social
scientists at Cornell University for many years. Until now the complex has
never been able to be understood or analyzed seeing as the onset has been
unclear. No longer do we have to merely hypothesize!

“There seems to be an existing trend in some of the
undergraduate population where the students come to Cornell from high school
where they may have been mediocre in popularity to unpopular, but when they
arrive here they realize the opportunity to attain levels of cool they never
could have imagined,” said Professor Awesomely of the Department of Human

“The students believe that they can start a new and then
they join fraternities and sororities. Then by sophomore year the CCC has
bloomed fully.”

Other members in the department have some problems with the
theory because it may be hard for many students to “start new” seeing
as 50% of students come from Westchester and Long Island. If they aren’t from
the same high school they can just click left on their Facebook photos and see
what they were actually like in high school.

Future research is hoping hold these variable constant in
attempts obtain more accurate results about the CCC.