Tonight is the Big Red Hot Hockey game that takes place every other year against BU at MSG. In the next few hours your news feeds are going to start blowing up about about the game. 
Examples of statuses you will see:
1. “At MSG go Big Red”
2. “Let’s go Cornell!”
3. “I’m in NYC…this is crazy!”
and as per usual the statuses saying….
4. “I wonder if the BU game is tonight at MSG?” 
5. “Cornell Big Red Hot Hockey is tonight? I wonder!”
Yes people, we understand it is annoying that your news feed gets blown up every time something exciting and “Cornelly” happens (like snow), but get used to it…
Or for that matter get off facebook for a hot sec…
OR even better, make friends that don’t go to Cornell! Get some variety in your news feed. It’ll keep you sane, and hopefully keep you from being so annoying and obnoxious. Leave people and their statuses (stati?) alone!!
GO CORNELL!!! I’ll be in the VIP section so you pleebs probably won’t find me. Nevertheless, much love to my fans.