Famed Chipotle Mexican Grill, founded in Denver in 1993, has
swept its commercialized Mexican food across the nation. The fast-casual
restaurant recently opened a franchise near campus in Dewitt and is slated to
open another on Marshall St in April, in the place of King David’s.

Because apparently, Marshall St needs more commercialized
chain restaurants.

Not just any commercialized chain restaurant, but a Mexican* grill when other successful
Latin flavor eateries ““ like Alto Cinco 
on Westcott or the Mission and La Taqueria downtown or Papa Gallo on
East Genesee  ““ could suddenly appear
obsolete to the Hill demographic.

The appeal of “fast” Mexican food is understandable,  but when SU’s version of collegetown
continuously grows into an over-commercialized outlet for mass-produced food,
(or just, blah pizza and deli sandwiches), one has to wonder when college
students as a demographic traded an appreciation for local cuisine for easy,
run of the mill food stops.

Rest assured, come April, you will find me still eating
chile rellenos in Alto Cinco, instead.

* – Blanket term for all Latin-flavored food