It was just another semester starting for Harold Ness. Back from a long, relaxing, and at times tedious winter break, the SU sophomore was ready to return to a daily routine.

“It’s been good to be back, see all my old friends,” Ness said.

For the most part.

Ness was walking across the quad early Tuesday afternoon when he ran into Stephanie Ramis, an old floormate of his from freshman year. Ramis and Ness had stayed in touch since moving out of their first-year dormitory.

“So yeah, I saw her coming towards me and of course I stopped to say hi, it’d been awhile since I’d seen her,” Ramis recalled.

After exchanging greetings, Stephanie asked Harold how his break was.

“I, y’know, said it was fine,” Harold replied.

But when Harold asked about her break in return, he received a remarkably different answer.

“Holy shit, she went off for like five minutes about all kinds of stuff. Like, I guess her fish died or something, and she went skiing, visited her grandparents for Christmas, cleaned out her old bedroom…like, wow. I have class soon, do I need a blow-by-blow recap of everything you did last month?

“When I ask you how your break was I don’t like…actually want to know how it was. I don’t actually care all that much. Just say fine and let me get to all the other shit I have to get done.”

At press time, the condition of Harold’s friendship with Stephanie was still listed as “stable.”