Following a water main break at clothing retailer J. Michael’s at the beginning of the semester, Syracuse University’s famed street for shopping and dining has been under construction for over a month now, with street closings, blockades and repairs in place every hour of every day.
Unfortunately, the recent efforts have still shown zero signs of progress, with giant masses of perfectly safe-looking sidewalk inexplicably fenced off, forcing walkers to flood into the street. “At our current rate of repair, we estimate that Marshall Street should finish the job by fall 2014 at the latest,” explained head construction manager Bob Blabla. “Just in time for the current freshmen class to be entering their senior year.”
The construction makes it difficult for pedestrians to walk down the street, and even more difficult for drivers to find anywhere to park. But that’s fine, because parking in the city of Syracuse is always easy, convenient, and cheap. Drivers are still able to park in the tiny lot opposite Varsity Pizza and the insanely expensive garage next to it.
Additionally, the recently closed down Jreck Subs is expected to turn into a parking lot sometime in the near future. Unless someone else wants to try putting another sandwich shop right between Jimmy John’s and Subway.