As every radio station busts out the Christmas music, students waiting
to hear Rudolph and Santa songs 24/7 are overwhelmed with holiday cheer.
With the snow scheduled for this week as well, Christmas is permeating
the SU campus faster than BP
oil did in the Gulf this summer.

(Too soon for oil spill jokes?)

Yet this holiday season is met with its unfortunate consequences: Holidayaholics. That’s right. You know who they are. The status updates
about eggnog or the .85 inches of snow on the ground, the excitement of
having all their holiday shopping done before
December was even here, and their insistence on only talking about how
excited they are for the Holiday season.

While no one could ever want to thwart another individual’s holiday
spirit, Holidayaholics have unfortunately reached addict level.
“Addiction” as defined by Wikipedia, is the mental and physiological
need for a specific something. The most addictive substances
are categorized in different schedules, schedule I being the most
addictive. In schedule I, is listed heroin, cocaine, late night Wegman’s
trips, methamphetamines, and holiday spirit.

Though addictions to heroin and meth have established programs and rehab
centers to help patients cope with withdrawal, students facing
Holidayaholism are left to deal with their addictions alone.

“All I can think about is peppermint,” says sophomore Jessica Lestin. “Peppermint…peppermint…” Lestin says she is left to express her
Holidayaholism in only her Facebook statuses and Twitter updates as most
of her friends won’t listen to her holiday rants

“Twenty Five Days of Christmas starts this week!!! Can you believe it?”
says freshman Sam Garland. Garland says he will spend the next 25
evenings watching every ABC family original programming event in
preparation for the holidays.

It’s situations like these that have led to the Holidayaholics Anonymous
-Syracuse Chapter. If you know someone who fits this description –
constant need to wear holiday-themed apparel, converting Pandora
stations and playlists to only holiday music, and an
absolute addiction to Starbucks holiday cups and beverages – then
please seek help.

Holidayaholics: You don’t have to face this alone.