In an effort to avoid confusion at the Villanova game, Otto’s Army has decided that there is a better system than first-come, first-serve. Instead, they have started a raffle.

“It’s quite simple,” assures Kevin O’Malley, president of Otto’s Army. “Whenever people get to the Dome, they take a raffle ticket. Then, we hide the raffle tickets in inconvenient locations throughout campus. Then, people have to leave the Dome wearing nothing but a sleeping bag, oh and it has to be 2:37 AM, and then, in their sleeping bags, they have to wander around looking for raffle tickets. Then, if they find a ticket, they bring it back to the Dome, at which point we set up a tournament in which the first people back have to battle in a game of Quidditch. Get it?”

Many students, who have been sleeping in the Dome for a while now, have complained that the raffle system is unfair. I, for one, couldn’t care less.

I found the snitch.