Campus Basement’s Resident Shopping Expert here to remind
you to take advantage of the best Cyber Monday deals before midnight. I’ve rounded up the best sales of the day, so get out your daddy’s credit card and start buying! Because the holidays are all about spending money on yourself (right?).   

Amazon – Amazon has sales going all week, but only today (as advertised on its homepage) can you buy Kidz Bop 19 on sale for $13.68. Featuring the hottest songs of last year, such as Katy Perry’s Firework and Bruno Mars’s Just the Way You Are, covered by nameless youth voices. A perfect gift for Christmas 2010. 

Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic – 30% off at each site, because it’s all the same clothes anyway (just different tags). 

Urban Outfitters – Free shipping, so you can get that geometric Navajo crop top before it’s deemed racist and untrendy. 

The Dragonpop Store on Etsy – Free shipping. Knuckle-hats make a great stocking stuffer!

Violent Lips – 50% off all your lip applique needs. Because every guy has dreamed of making out with the word “poison.” And the Union Jack is apparently a turn-on. 

The North Face – Free shipping, except if you’re a GDI. 

Ugg – Nope, Australians don’t celebrate Cyber Monday. Gotta pay full price for your suede moccasins, which will inevitably get destroyed after February. Oh wellz!