Mahwah, NJ- In a bizarre turn of events Monday afternoon, Ramapo senior Mark Spalowitznitskyface sat down and took a survey that he saw on Facebook. Sources indicate that the survey was for Rachel Adams, a junior at Ramapo college, and her Marketing Research class’s final paper.

Commenting on the situation, Spalowitznitskyface stated that “she promised it would only take a minute of my time. I wasn’t sure if I should believe her but the smiley face at the end of her status sealed the deal.” This marks only the 8th time in the history of students annoying the fuck out of people on Facebook with survey requests that some dweeb actually took it. Many wonder if Spalowitznitskyface has inadvertently started a trend of responding to these things. But most people with any sense at all don’t wonder that at all because they know normal people hate and laugh at survey requests.