Yeah, just do it tomorrow.Please join us for a discussion and interactive session on stress creation techniques including methods students may deploy to encourage stressful situations on Wednesday, September 26 in Laurel Hall, first floor at 9 p.m. We will also discuss stress-reducers and how to avoid them. ALL students are welcome. Contact Laurel Hall RA Michael Manuelo with any questions at

Topics covered in this 3-hour session are:

• Sobriety Means Studying – A former Ramapo student will be Skyping-in to give tips on the easiest ways to find drugs and alcohol on-campus. Their second session involves covert in-dorm storage techniques to make sure you can become intoxicated at the first sign of boredom.

• Constant External Stimulation – Seventh year Senior, James Kokkinos talks to us about chasing away productive environments. James says to make sure you have the TV on constantly while you read your Organic Chemistry textbook. And, just to make sure that you won’t get bored of re-runs and accidentally finish a paragraph, take the time to heed your friends’ advice and start watching Breaking Bad.

• Multi-Tasking/Multi-Awesomeing – Current Ramapo Junior on academic probation, Monica Vera-Loures, teaches you how to delude yourself into thinking you’re actually proficient at multi-tasking. Her tips include leaving your phone on and setting every application to make a sound when you get a notification as well as doing all your work in bed in pajamas.

• TGFA (Thank God for Free Apps) – Special guest and Rutgers drop-out Maria Petros, the #1 ranked Temple Run player in NorthEast New Jersey, will be sharing her high-score strategies so you too can force your victories onto your Facebook friends’ News Feeds. Maria will also be providing a handout with download codes for the Top Ten Free Games on both iOS and Android. These apps are guaranteed to take your attention away from productivity for at least 20 minutes.

Refreshments and drinks will be served.