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Article by jillboard
February 6, 2012

Ramapo Issues 21+ ID’s; Changes Drinking Age To 25

Mahwah, NJ – The tyrannical mini-nation known as Ramapo College continues to force students to leave campus. No, I’m not talking about student herding (rumored to begin next Fall). As Public “Safety” released their ominous email this morning, a campus-wide “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” was recorded being heard as far as Snooki’s house. Starting today, if you’re a student... MORE »

Article by S.Po.Basement
December 20, 2011

Ramapo Security Takes Advice from Fashion Schutzstaffel

It’s Tuesday night at Ramapo College. Party time. At least for those of us who dare to venture out from our caves in an attempt to be social. It’s 8 P.M. Prime time to pre-game, aka drink yourself into such a stupor you barely make it out of your room, only to venture into another... MORE »

Article by Kahrispy
December 19, 2011

A Very Kahrispy Kristmas

Hofstra’s public safety department has a long and proud history of ensuring the minimal safety of the public, and by “public”, we mean “2 1/2 people”, and that’s on a good day. “Good days” meaning that for the public safety officers at Hofstra, it might as well be the battle of Iwo Jima. They very... MORE »

Article by Max Lehman
November 30, 2011

Hofstra Scrats

     There is a dark beast running free somewhere among the Hofstra campus. Its strength is in its numbers. Its deformity is in its cute ugly face riddle with whiskers and lifeless, black eyes. It has been around as long as Hofstra has beens a university, perhaps longer. It plays with yarn, and gets fur... MORE »