A Letter to the Girl Who Should’ve Reconsidered the Playboy Bunny Costume

Article by abstewart October 28, 2011

Dear Bountiful Beauties,             Something has come to my attention in recent Halloweens. Female costumes, obviously, have decreased in skin coverage and increased in whoriness for a number of years now. And I’m ok with that. As the old Mean Girls adage goes, “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
February 7, 2011

What Your Drink At A Frat Party Says About You

It’s Thursday. Bass pounds, the air reeks of cheap booze and that one chick’s perfume (seriously, take it easy next time), the pledges are wide-eyed and the spring semester shines on a whole new round of Row debauchery. Objectively, it’s fairly easy to see that these loud, crowded, dimly-lit parties are designed to cater to... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
March 1, 2010

SU Frat Party Survival Guide

Things you will need:“¢ beer goggles“¢ 5 bucks (if you’re a dude)“¢ boobs (if you’re a chick”¦or a fat dude)“¢ a shower How to find your lost friends:“¢ Don’t. They’re long gone. They left this lame party hours ago. Punch or beer?“¢ Do you like your roofies carbonated or fruity? Things to do:“¢ Beer pong.“¢... MORE »

Article by Jonfen
January 24, 2012

With New IFC Regulations, Rush Week Drinking Shifts to Sororities

In a slightly surprising turn of events, numerous sororities on campus were reported to have served hard alcohol and drugs at their rush week recruitment events. While fraternities were busy with their Dry Rush Week, or “3 Day Rush-apallooza” as the IFC now requires it be called, sororities and their PNM’s raged on into the... MORE »

Article by shepbb
March 17, 2012

Prospective Student Chooses Online U Instead So He Can Wear Pajamas

ITHACA, NY—Despite Cornell University’s prestigious reputation, ample academic resources, qualified professors and facility, as well as its aesthetically stunning campus, a former prospective student rescinded his application for the Fall 2012 Semester on Monday. For John McDunnel, a local senior in a New Jersey high school, these qualifications and amenities were just not enough for... MORE »

Article by
November 22, 2011

Party Funder

Partiers around the country rejoice!  After the success of its pre-beta launch, The Party Fund is ready to roll out more $100 party grants to students across the country. Already, students at schools like Harvard, NYU, Skidmore, and Stanford have been awarded grants.  Sponsors pick up the tab for the parties, and all you have... MORE »

Article by Piliour
March 22, 2011

Andy Rautins!

Check out this video of Andy Rautins and fellow Knicks rookie Landry Fields in their new show on MSG, The Andy and Landry Show! Who knew Andy had the voice of an angel? MORE »

Article by nightcrawler
February 3, 2012

8th Wonder of the World at UM

When I applied to the U I had one fear: Parking Spaces. Everybody knows a college’s prestige is defined by the number of parking spaces it has on campus, since it’s directly correlated to the number of billionaire alumni. Since I plan on being a billionaire by 2013 (I watched the Social Network, I know... MORE »

Article by Daniel T
October 11, 2011

Dunkin’ Donuts Closes; Students Despair

A shortage of orange straws caused Dunkin’ Donuts in the Schine Dining Center to shut down today, throwing the Syracuse University student body into a state of mass panic. The popular on-campus establishment closed at noon following its inability to provide the straws, leaving students confused and unable to cope with its unexpected closure. “I’m... MORE »