Cornell University Hides Oprah

Article by apost April 9, 2012

What some people thought was an April Fools joke at Cornell University was actually reality! Oprah was at Cornell. But, how did nobody know about her arrival, her stay or her departure? If anyone could pull off a magic trick like this it is David Blaine. Yes, Cornellians that is right. Cornell Administrators paid David... MORE »

Article by Piliour
August 27, 2011

Students Already Plan to Skip Class Because of Hurricane Irene

Students across the country have already begun emailing professors excuses for not attending classes this week, citing the effects of Hurricane Irene. “How can I go to class at a time like this?” asked University of Texas sophomore Gary Willard. “It’s raining on the east coast, grocery stores are out of Funions. It’s madness!” Students... MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
April 6, 2010

Quad sighting

Orange Man out for a run MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
February 2, 2010

Red Bull Wings on Campus

props to whoever thought of this MORE »

Article by Piliour
March 21, 2010

Spring Break in Review

Break in Review Ok, so it’s been about a week since we’ve updated this site. And sadly, because we live in Syracuse, absolutely nothing happened. So here’s our best attempt to make it sound like you missed a shitload of stuff (read: basketball) during spring break when you were home remembering why you love being... MORE »

Article by Miguel Manalo
October 15, 2012

Are Pumpkins More Delicious Or Deadly?

Mahwah, NJ – It has been 23 days since the beginning of Autumn. This means that every beverage, piece of clothing, and homework assignment on Ramapo’s Mahwah campus has the right to be pumpkin-related. However, the investigative team here at Ramapo Basement has uncovered the scary (like Halloween H20 scary) truth behind this yearly pumpkin... MORE »

Article by Piliour
September 3, 2010

5 Things To Do Before You Graduate

And last but not least!…   Visit the Inn Complete: It’s a short drive to south campus. Hell, you could even walk if you’re not too lazy. Get over there, have a beer, grab some food, play some pool, do trivia, the place has a pretty sweet atmosphere and most undergrads never venture in. Sure,... MORE »

Article by Piliour
September 17, 2011

Nuts About Clubs

In a recent article in the Detroit Free Press, it was revealed that the University of Michigan features a club dedicated to squirrels. it’s called the Squirrel Club. And it’s a club. About squirrels.  For those of you who still don’t follow (which, quite frankly, should be everyone — did we mention it’s a club for... MORE »