In response to idiotic student pedestrian behavior, SU creates Pedestrian Services

Article by emcorbet March 29, 2011

Much to the surprise of most SU students, traffic laws are actually obeyed in other geographic locations, meaning green lights mean go and red lights mean stop. Green lights do not, shockingly enough, signal to pedestrians to walk slowly across the street blatantly ignoring the cars trying to drive, while obnoxiously talking on their cell phones.... MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
April 20, 2010

Haven Hall: Nancy Cantors Toilet

Artwork Credit: Unknown if you know who drew this, put their name in the comments below! MORE »

Article by fremama
October 18, 2011

Letters to My College-Self: On Choosing Your Major (and not making irreversible and deadly mistakes)

Hey CollegeMags, it’s me, FutureMags back to smother you with some life lessons from the future. Are we totally Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel or what?! Since in this past week I have had no randomly acquired memories of sexing up the entire football team, I can only assume that you did not in fact... MORE »

Article by apost
September 20, 2011

Finding Housing in Ithaca Ruins Student’s Lives

The only place where the real estate market never feels the economic troubles of the country is Collegetown, Ithaca NY.  I am pretty sure this has something to do with economics…supply and demand I assume. But, don’t quote me on that. There are many issues though that come with the real estate market in Ithaca.... MORE »

Article by J.D.Basement
February 20, 2012

8 Minutes to Freedom: Inner Monologue of Student Whose Professor is Late

8 Minutes to Go: Okay, let’s just relax. We’ve been in this situation before. Don’t wanna get your hopes up, only to be crushed by his entrance. He’s gonna come. There’s no shot he’s not coming. I wonder what we’re learning today. Yup, definitely gonna come. 7 Minutes to Go: Holy shit, he’s not coming.... MORE »

Video by Anonymous
September 13, 2010

110 Cup Pong

This is sick! MORE »

Article by loganor
April 12, 2012

Senior Fund Gifts I Would Actually Donate To…

I’m no math major, but I’m pretty sure college is expensive. After four years of paying for alcohol food, and for drugs dorms, and for hookers books, I am pretty much done giving my hard earned bucks to this institution. Instead of understanding my grievances, the school is asking that I shell out even more... MORE »

Article by rkrieg
March 28, 2012

How I Imagine Thurtene Honorary Spends an Actual Day

8:00 AM: Wake up to “Call Me Maybe.” Look in mirror. Wink. Drink blood-infused protein shake. 8:32 AM: Play Sims Rollercoaster Tycoon. Feel in control of the lives of others. 10:00 AM: Skip class for “official” Thurtene business. 10:02 AM: Research shades of yellow. Struggle over whether or not the yellow is too green or... MORE »