If studying for finals and writing papers and stress eating and stress not eating and adderall shortages have got you down…

Video by loganor December 4, 2011

Be glad you didn’t make this. And that you don’t own one of these. MORE »

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Article by LukeStarnes
February 20, 2012

Donald Trump demands to see Jeremy Lin’s birth certificate

New York Knicks standout Jeremy Lin has taken the National Basketball Association by storm, with the Knicks winning 7 of the 8 games the young point guard has started in. Lin has created a buzz worldwide, as people continue to praise the Harvard graduate. Sources suggest that an Asian American hasn’t made this much noise... MORE »

Article by Roy Parker
November 18, 2012

USC Loss to UCLA Undeniable Proof That Californians Don’t Know How to Do Sh*t When It Rains

UCLA’s 38-28 victory over USC this Saturday marked the first time in six years that the Bruins have beaten the Trojans. During the game everyone was quick to point out USC head coach, Lane Kiffin, as the faulty party for USC’s poor performance. But the actual culprit is all the more sinister…   The. Rain.... MORE »

Article by loganor
March 17, 2012

Spring Break Airport Bingo!!! Git Crunk wit SBAPB!

It’s almost spring break. That means many of you are almost at the airport, about to crack open a brand new Hustler Magazine copy of the newspaper and a KING SIZED SNICKERS bottle of water. While this is a civilized way to kill time, why not make a drunken fool of yourself instead? Campus Basement... MORE »

Article by Lia Woodward
September 24, 2011

Concerned student starts Panty Shelter for abandoned undies

It’s a taboo problem in our society no one wants to discuss, but we’ve all been touched by it in some way. Either we or someone we know has a story to tell about this sad situation, but only among friends and behind closed doors. Most students are content to shake there heads, maybe take... MORE »

Article by fremama
December 6, 2011

Letters to My College Self: All-nighters are for pussies!

Dear CollegeMags, As finals roll around, you’ll hear a lot of classmates talk about these ancient rituals known as “all-nighters”. I want you to stay away, CollegeMags. Stay far, far away from all-nighters. People will talk about doing all-nighters before a big exam like they are some type of awesome new trend only they thought... MORE »

Article by Piliour
December 14, 2010

Student Expelled for Wishing Professor a Merry Christmas

Tuesday started like any other day for Michael Rosenberg. He woke up at 10:00, watched SportsCenter, ate a bowl of cereal, and headed to his 11:00 economics class. But at noon, all hell broke loose. “It was a pretty chill day,” says Rosenberg. “[Professor] Jones knew we were all mentally on vacation, so she let... MORE »