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Jake’s Movie Monday: GDI Life

Video by JakeWallach February 20, 2012

A tale of a God Damn Independent. MORE »

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Article by xoboredgurlxo
February 19, 2012

Proper Paper Extension Etiquette

As a humanities major, I infrequently have to deal with the mental and emotional Olympics that may characterize an exam, and to rub it in a little more, I have never taken a night exam in my life. On the flip side, I almost didn’t graduate because of lack of NS courses, and I do... MORE »

Video by ChillBro
February 16, 2010

6 OT

We all witnessed history MORE »

Video by jwoww
November 22, 2010

Overly Loud Yawn Remix – The end of the yawning era, I promise.

One more post about the yawning scandal and I’m DONE, promise. This was too funny to pass up, though – check out this homemade Cornellian video in response to the infamous freakout. I am now going to lock myself in the library for the next 48 hours now. Bye. MORE »

Article by maxmartinez
April 21, 2012

New Women’s Dorm Named After Psychology Professor

Cornell recently announced that a new women’s dorm, similar to Balch Hall, will be built in 2013 to accommodate the increasing amount of women attending the university. Half of the intramural fields are being zoned off for construction and they plan to break ground in June of 2013. The university would not release the name... MORE »

Article by Alex R
April 4, 2012

The Fab Melo Riots

With the news late Monday night that Sophomore Center Fab Melo will forgo his junior year as he declared for the NBA draft Syracuse fans took their excitement to the streets. Fans burned couches, flipped cars, and looted all along Marshall Street as the news spread- all while chanting the 1969 song “Na Na Hey... MORE »

Article by Grill
November 28, 2011

U Mad?–Questions that Piss off Wash U Students

There are plenty of questions that bother Wash U students. We’re a sensitive group. Whether it be confusing Washington University with similarly named state schools, thinking that our athletics are division one or that our social life is hedonistic…it all pisses us off. Here are some of our (least) favorite questions presented to a typical,... MORE »

Article by Homegrizzown
March 13, 2011

How High Are You?

So you’re not drinking tonight.  Maybe a beer or two, but you’re not getting hammered.  Instead you’re going shopping.  To the pots store.  And you, you’re xbox, and a bucket filled with water with a two liter Coca-cola bottle in it have had plans that you refuse to postpone.  Or maybe you’re more of a... MORE »

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Article by Piliour
September 20, 2010

University Officials

Travis Apgar, who has recently been under some heat for the changes being enforced with regard to Greek Life, issued a statement Tuesday, “We are, in no way, cracking down on Greek Life.”   Apgar continued, “Just because we appointed a group of 96-year-old men, whose attitudes toward college students are in no way skewed,... MORE »