You Know You Go to Cornell When…

Article by Leigh December 14, 2010

You see this picture and think “I’d like to have sex there”.  #1 on the list of 161 things to do before you graduate Cornell is sex in the stacks, and as a student I can’t say I’m anymore immune to this than the rest of you.. show me a dark creepy hallway that looks... MORE »

Article by Ian Smith
November 23, 2010

Every Store on Marshall Street Will Be a Sandwich Shoppe By Year’s End, States Bold Predictor

A Syracuse University student with a keen eye for the obvious has boldly predicted that every store on Marshall Street will be a “sandwich shoppe” by year’s end. Ronald Carlson noticed that there was a new Jrecks Subs on the popular shopping avenue, replacing “whatever the hell used to be there.” Jrecks now joins Subway,... MORE »

Video by Piano
May 2, 2011

SyracuseU Smashing Pianos!

Smashing Pianos outside of the music school at SyracuseU…come smash one on May 3rd! MORE »

Article by apost
November 29, 2010

Relax Prof

In preparation for finals at Cornell one professor prepared his students for the worst if caught cheating…and I quote, “If I catch you cheating I will rip off your fucking head and shit in your neck.” Good luck bitches. Enjoy the last week of classes before study week and finals start, oh and watch out... MORE »

Article by Piliour
November 28, 2010

University of Southern Miss Tries to Retire Brett Favre’s Jersey, Fails

From 1987-1991, Brett Favre was enrolled in the University of Southern Mississippi. While enrolled, he set several school records, including most completions, most total yards, and most touchdowns. On Saturday, the University of Southern Mississippi decided to honor Favre, despite the on-goings in his personal life, by retiring his number four jersey. “We wanted to... MORE »

Article by Jared Martin
January 20, 2012

Shit To Read Whilst Shitting: A Series

PART DEUX: SHIT GETS LITERARY The bathroom is a dirty place. Not just in the “you-live-with-three-girls-so-there-is-a-troll-head-of-hair-growing-from-the-drain” kind of way, but also in the “have-sex-hanging-from-the-shower-curtain-rod” kind of way. Taking both of these into consideration, I have found the latest inSTALLment of STRWSAS: Sea Oak by George Saunders. Now I know what some of you may be... MORE »

Article by maxmartinez
May 30, 2012

MUST READ: Grads Caught Doing Keg-Stands on President Skorton’s Roof

Out of all the crazy stories we have heard from senior week, this has to be the craziest one by far. Let’s just say recent-grads, President Skorton’s roof, and keg-stands do not go together. On Sunday night, at approximately 2 a.m., police were called to the Skorton residence by the President himself. He believed that... MORE »

Article by natkirst
September 29, 2012

Tests Show Nobody Can Read or Spell

A recent exam in Psychology 1000 proved not only do Professor Richard Stevenson’s students have absolutely no grasp on general psychology, but they are also unable to read and spell even the simplest of words. This only came as some what of a shock to Stevenson and his Teaching Assistants, as they cannot read or... MORE »

Article by Ian Smith
November 16, 2010

Uh-Oh: The Only Person Who “Likes” Your Facebook Status Is The Weird Kid From High School

And you thought you were never gonna hear from him again. There is an epidemic going around on the popular social networking website Facebook, and it involves the unpopular nerds, geeks, losers, Trenchcoat Mafias, chess club members and men’s field hockey players of your high school: they are “liking” your Facebook status even though you... MORE »