Bicycling through the euclid street river

Video by Brian W April 30, 2011

Euclid St. River April 26, 2011 MORE »

Article by doodlebug
November 15, 2011

In Defense of No Pants

            Lately there has been a lot of negative sentiment revolving around MY clothing choices. Ok, so it’s not, like, just my clothing choices, but sometimes it feels that way. I see you smirking when I’m in line for my latte in Whispers. I see you pointing and whispering when I’m... MORE »

Article by Piliour
April 12, 2010

A Letter from the University

Many of you may have received an e-mail from the university, defending Jamie Dimon as the choice for commencement speaker. This is NOT the original letter, but it IS what SU was actually saying, in my opinion. Here is the translation: Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, We noticed that there have been concerns about the... MORE »

Article by jake13
December 11, 2011

Cracked Out

Now that your parents finally know how hard Lehigh goes because of the fiasco that was Dayglow, they are undoubtedly annoying the shit out of you about how your grades must be, especially with whatever those tests are coming up that everyone seems to be talking about. Only Lehigh would have as big a drug... MORE »

Article by maxmartinez
May 26, 2012

Skorton and Bloomberg to Host Party at Level B

With convocation finished, and students off with their families and friends enjoying the moment, it’s time for the big guys to have fun. Tonight, at Level B, President David J. Skorton and convocation speaker and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg will be hosting an invite-only dance party. The party was not supposed to be... MORE »

Article by Alex Rosenthal
October 18, 2010

Invitations to Actual Facebook Events Get Lost Amidst Thousands of EEE Surveys

Nobody attended Frank Haggert’s 21st birthday party on Friday. Or Wendy Yu’s last varsity field hockey game as a senior. Or sorority Phi Kappa’s fundraiser for struggling local elementary schools. Creating event pages on Facebook used to be a great way to spread the word about house parties, sporting events, and philanthropies. Unfortunately, nobody seems... MORE »

Article by Alex R
October 8, 2011

Syracuse Wildlife

If you ask 100 people what their favorite thing about SU is, you wouldn’t get a hundred different answers, but you will probably get answers ranging from the basketball team, to the Greek life, to the weather (sarcasm). But for me, my favorite thing about our school is our diverse animal wildlife.             With an... MORE »

Article by BradBabendir
October 25, 2011

10 Ironic Halloween Costume Hook-Ups

I went through and thought of ten pairings of costumes that could be potentially be touching each other on October’s final day, and imagined what it would be like if the two people were really doing the nasty.   Bill O’Reilly and Michelle Obama ““   There is so much wrong here. First of all,... MORE »

Article by Annie Segal
April 26, 2012

Pottermore vs. Finals

So Pottermore is officially open to the public. As a huge Harry Potter fan (I like/know more about Harry Potter than you do), I had to join the site! It’s an interactive look inside (Queen) J.K. Rowling’s mind when she was writing the Harry Potter Series. You find out how she developed names, spells, and... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
December 16, 2010

USC Area Landlords Consider Fear-Based Rent Structure

In the past, things like amenities, size, and proximity to campus have played some of the most important roles in determining rent for non-USC student housing. A collective effort is being made currently, however, to include fear explicitly as a consideration in the price. “It’s all I really consider anyways,” an anonymous USC senior explains.... MORE »