Dave coming to the Dome?

Article by Anonymous February 23, 2010

I am only a freshmen here at the cuse, but i have heard that our concerts the last few years have really sucked. By sucked i mean when you get that one kid in your class who you would give anything to just punch in the face when they talk suck. From an unofficial source,... MORE »

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Article by alexfrumkin
February 23, 2012

Usher Revives Goizueta Business School!

Goizueta is ranked third among business schools across the country. This leads to the obvious question, what is preventing us from being number one? As a BBA student here at Emory, I have always felt that something is missing in the curriculum. Sure you can concentrate in finance, accounting, and all that other good stuff.... MORE »

Article by Nick Ciccone
December 6, 2011

What Your Professors Are REALLY Saying

Hofstra professors are very much like fortune cookies””they are as insightful as they are tasty. Relax, I’m kidding! They’re NOT insightful (they’re just tasty). In fact, every once in awhile you get a really stupid fortune cookie that likes giving a lot of homework. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve loved a staggering 35% of my... MORE »

Article by Sheldon J
September 12, 2011

Holy shit music – Aer’s Avicii remix: Shot Clock

Well let me just say, if sunday’s juice jam wasnt incredible enough with Avicii going over an HOUR over time waiting for B.o.B. to arrive, Aer‘s release of Shot Clock put it over the edge, combining Avicii‘s power hit Levels behind Aer‘s rhymes. Ive heard mixes of Levels before and while I thoroughly enjoyed Avicii’s... MORE »

Video by Humor Whore
September 16, 2010


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Article by connorc23
September 25, 2012

Acid Shortage Dire, Artsy Students and Faculty Desperate

The availability of lysergic acid diethylamide has dropped 90 percent, and right-brained students across campus are becoming desperate. Professor Emeritus of Toxicology Marcus Johnston was arrested one week ago for the manufacture of the drug in the shed behind his house. Among the most severely affected by this shortage are students of Philosophy and English,... MORE »

Article by Tyler Marchewski
March 17, 2011

Rebecca Black to Headline at Movin’ On

The committee that books the artists to play at Movin’ On made a last minute decision yesterday when they decided to replace O.A.R. with the new Youtube star Rebecca Black. Her new hit single “Friday” dropped on Youtube last week, has almost has 11 million views and has hit the iTunes Top 100. Her monotonous... MORE »