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Alex Piliouras

Director of Affiliates and Co-Founder

Alex Piliouras graduated from Syracuse University in 2010 as a Television, Radio and Film major and Philosophy minor; so, you know, all kinds of relevant real-world experience. He drinks hundreds of cups of coffee per day, doesn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy, and currently lives in Manhattan with his girlfriend. Alex once ran five miles in one week! Feel free to ask him about it.


Brian Weinreich

Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder

Brian Weinreich is a self-proclaimed tech geek who graduated from Syracuse University in 2010. Brian loves starting up companies and watching them grow, so you’ll generally find him coding some crazy new site that will be “the first ever…”


Alex Rosenthal

Director of Community Management

Alex Rosenthal graduated from Syracuse University in 2011 as a Television, Radio, & Film major and Information Technology minor, and currently lives in Manhattan, occasionally commuting home to Long Island so his mother can do his laundry. In his spare time, he enjoys watching puppy videos on YouTube, and can grow a beard with absolutely no effort. He also loves talking to strangers (especially if they have candy) so feel free to send him a tweet @CampusBasement or his personal account listed below.


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