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Article by Piliour
January 13, 2012

U of California Bans Smoking, Foresees Utopia

On Wednesday, The Daily Californian reported that UC President Mark Yudof has implemented a plan that will ban smoking on all University of California campuses within the next two years. While many students, some in the video featured here, expressed outrage at the banning of a legal substance, others expressed gratitude for the new law.... MORE »

Article by BradBabendir
November 7, 2011

MU transitioning to ‘Cool Free’ campus

There are some invariable and inescapable facts about smoking tobacco. The first is that every cigarette you light up affords you anywhere between six and 12 cool points. This fluctuation depends on brand, but free cool points are free cool points. The second is that it will eventually kill you, but so will breathing and... MORE »

Picture by ChillBro
December 9, 2010

Harry Potter

so many closet nerds on campus MORE »

Picture by ChillBro
September 11, 2010

orange pride for the weekend

orange kush on an orange plate just for you Syracuse MORE »