hope you like your crazies, because TLC is bringing them to a television near
you. After finding success with 19 and
and Sister Wives, TLC has ordered ten more reality pilots
in hopes to make Sarah Palin seem more normal.

contract specifically states that if the network fails to make her appear
relatable, she can walk out at any time. In efforts to keep their promise, TLC
premieres its new show, Bama Belles
next week. “We plan on exploiting every single southern stereotype on this
show, which makes Mrs. Palin seem more normal while also ostracizing a whole
portion of the U.S. population,” says Chris Sloan, VP of Production.

that’s only the beginning for TLC. Sloan has announced the addition of ten
shows meant to make you cringe and question your existence. After creeping out
audiences with Sister Wives, TLC has
announced a pilot titled Wife Sisters.
The show follows two sisters who overcame the laws and married each other.
“It’s really about a family becoming even more of a family,” says Sloan. Wife Sisters premieres in February.

Texan Taxidermy premieres alongside Wife Sisters. The show will follow the
Nurtzville family of rural Texas as they successfully run a taxidermy company
out of their backyard shed. TLC is being quiet about this show, but human
taxidermy has been rumored.

off of the success of Sarah Palin’s
, TLC has announced another show titled after a politician and a
state. Christine O’Donnell’s Delaware
promises to explore the natural beauties of America’s first state and show you
all three things to do there. Sloan states “Christine is very eager to appear
normal, but in doing so, will probably make Mrs. Palin seem normal. Pretty much
the only reason this show exists.”

this summer also are Holocaust Deniers
and Who Wants to Marry Scott Peterson? No
One? That’s What I Thought
. Jon Gosselin also plans his return the network
with Jon + Awesome T-Shirts.

The remaining four shows are still in development.
The shows include The McNugget Family,
Sewer Kids
, 735 Cats and Counting,
and The Fungus Brothers.

says he got the idea from CBS. “We had no other options,” says CBS President
Les Moonves. “Our shows are only lame in order to make Charlie Sheen seem cool.”

asked for a comment, Palin states she plans on staying on the network.
“Anything to keep my family out of the tabloids,” says America’s 45th President.