Funding Exposed: Tulip Mania is Our Fault.

Article by sonovabeach December 31, 1969

Breaking news. After an upheaval from undergraduates regarding WashUâ??s superfluous spending, Chancellor Wrighton held a press conference to clarify where tuition money is going. Most of this chaos is surrounding the annual â??Tulip Maniaâ?. For all of the froshies that have yet to witness this phenomenon and think that gothic architecture and top tier education... MORE »

Article by Alex R
February 21, 2012

And on your left we see……….

Admit it: you, like everybody else, went on a supervised tour of Syracuse University some time in your past. We all remember being herded like cattle around the quad, being told constantly that the steps of Carnegie Library led nowhere as our parents embarrassed us in front of our elder classmates. Judging by the excess... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
September 21, 2010

LunchUps Let’s You Eat For Free On Campus!

You’re a SU student and you like to eat – nay, come winter time (in about a week) you will begin to hoard food in your fridge. But, shit, if you’re like me, you’re pockets aren’t deep. Well, two students at SU are here to save the day with LunchUps. The Lunchups website gives you the... MORE »

Article by Piliour
September 7, 2010

Marshall Square Mall Overrun With Confused Students

On the first day of classes, something that happens every year”¦happened. Again.   Students of all ages, scratching their heads and staring blankly at their schedules, headed into Marshall Square Mall, where they proceeded to wander aimlessly around, bumping into each other, looking for a Spanish class or a math class that, somehow, is taught... MORE »

Article by Cuse Me Baby
October 25, 2010

Yea, Nay, Gay?

Dear Cuse Me Baby,My name is A**** M*****, I am visiting Syracuse University from Indonesia. I like it here very much. I wish that I was permitted to stay longer. Except for the food. It all makes me want to vomit. My question: When my Indonesian friend, A** E****, comes to visit my room, sometimes... MORE »

Article by Piliour
March 10, 2010

Alumnus Sues SU for Kissing Bench

Dan Calwell of the class of ’01 is suing SU because of its false portrayal of the kissing bench. For those who don’t know, the kissing bench, located near the quad, is rumored to lead to good fortune in relationships. Supposedly, if you kiss a significant other on said bench, you will have a happy... MORE »

Article by S.Po.Basement
January 24, 2012

Ramapo Luminis Prepares Students for Assignments and Potential Lays

The beginning of the semester here at Ramapo College has a lot to offer to its students. Hope, opportunity, a chance to raise one’s GPA, and more importantly, a chance to pray on potential lays on Luminis. Luminis is an online platform used by teachers to post assignments, schedules, syllabi, and any other information pertaining... MORE »

Ramapo »
Article by Kygrm22
April 26, 2012

Teacher’s protest Teacher protest

After not getting enough funding for posters and signs, Ramapo professors protested today’s protest at the arch. The turnout, which was anticipated to be well over fifty consisted only of a handful of Ramapo professors that can’t understand English. The teachers who attended were seen walking back and forth from the arch to the Bradley... MORE »

Ramapo »
Article by Kygrm22
April 18, 2012

Ramapo College Graduation Fees

Mahwah, NJ- The Ramapo Commencement Committee has just released the pricing for graduation. In addition to Ramapo’s $100 dollar charge for “processing” the graduation application and a $62 dollar charge for cap and gown Ramapo will also issue charges for the following: - $1.00 for each step you take. Handicapped people graduate free. - $5.00... MORE »

Video by Anonymous
September 14, 2010

Professional Life Coach Rick Handle | Float Your Boat

You can’t handle Rick Handle’s handle. CitrusTV’s wildly original out-of-studio sketch comedy program. Float Your Boat offers an absurd yet tasteful brand of comedy, consciously reflective of our campus culture here at Syracuse University. MORE »