The Biggest Bullshitter: The University of Joaquin Phoenix

Article by BradBabendir April 27, 2012

The University of Joaquin Phoenix (TUJP) is an incredible beast. While it can’t fly or spit fire or do magic or any of the cool stuff that these other mythical beasts can do, it does have a plethora of abilities that Batman can’t pull out of his utility belt. TUJP is a simply incredible creature,... MORE »

Article by Sdolph2
October 28, 2011

Bryant Bans North Face Jackets, Citing Lack of Diversity

Bryant University is set to ban North face sweatshirts, effective November, 1st, 2011, in an effort to promote diversity. The Dean of students says that “this move will help to distinguish Bryant students from one another”. This action is a result of a recent report by the Diversity, Inclusiveness, Community, and Knowledge committee. The D.I.C.K.... MORE »

Video by USC Staff
January 17, 2012

A Very Special Message from USC Basement

This goes out to everyone who supported USC Basement throughout this entire tournament. It goes without saying….Thank You. MORE »

Article by maxmartinez
July 12, 2012

Foote to Be Honored by Cornell

In 2010, Cornell basketball had an amazing season and went all the way to the Sweet 16. A large (extremely large) part of that run was then-senior, NBA D-League All-Star and current member of the New Jersey Nets summer league team, Jeff Foote. Foote was the big center that every team craves. He rebounded, blocked,... MORE »

Article by Becca Grumet
February 16, 2012

Breaking News: College Professors Are Old

A recent study conducted by the Old People Association of Educational Things and Stuff found that 89% of all college professors are indeed age 60+. And yet, the test not only measured physical age, but mental age, creating a record breaking statistic of all college professors with an elderly mental age at 99%. The study... MORE »

Article by smalls
August 26, 2011

Cornell Girls: Read

Welcome to Cornell! I’m sure you’ve already seen/heard about the lovely gentlemen driving around in their pick-up with a banner reading “Thank You For Your Daughters”! Regardless of whether you are potential hos-in-training or those ladies who still think their ladyparts should be saved until marriage, I can offer you some sage advice from the... MORE »

January 8, 2011

Entertainment in Review 2010

You are entertained.                                                                           The Zuckerberg Network Just months after The Social Network dominated theaters, Mark Zuckerberg was named Time’s Man of the Year. Let that... MORE »