Anyone Looking for a Sweet Spring Break?

Article by CBSponsored February 7, 2012

For anyone looking for something to do over Spring Break, be sure to check out! They’ve got a pretty sweet card game that helps you figure out where to go, based on what you like to eat (pizza), how cheap you like your beer (very) and how sunny you like your weather (you want... MORE »

Article by Piliour
December 4, 2010

Guide: Where to Pee When Intoxicated

1.Bird: the most common of pee spots, Bird Library is perfect for the late night urination. With those secluded spots on the sides, it’s almost like the architect designed the place to double as an outhouse. 2.Link: If it’s early enough, Link will always be open with some nerd configuring an equation to maximize the... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
December 20, 2010

2010: USC’s Year in Headlines

Court upholds USC’s trademark of interlocking SC logo, South Carolina’s trademark rejected : The judge defends his decision ““ “you try saying “Gamecock’ with a straight face.” Chik Fil A opens near campus : Spicy chicken deluxe experience declared necessary, religious. Unfortunately, I continue to be incapable of walking past Chipotle NCAA violations, sanctions, ban : Too soon. July... MORE »

Article by G-Nonymous
January 26, 2012

Katie Jones ’15 Decides to Give Swahili Literature 101 A Chance

NORTH CAMPUS ““ After hours of thought and consideration, Cornell Freshman Katie Jones has decided today that she will give Swahili Literature 101 a chance. “I really had absolutely no interest in the topic whatsoever,” says Katie Jones. “But, the professor actually made the class seem pretty interesting, and the first few readings did make... MORE »

Article by Piliour
January 25, 2012

Dartmouth Student Swims in Poop, Officials Want Proof

Andrew Lohse stinks. No, it’s not a hygiene thing. It’s because he was the victim of fraternal hazing. According to a report, Lohse, a Dartmouth senior, was forced to swim in fecal matter, urine, semen and rotten food while pledging Sigma Alpha Epsilon in the Fall of 2010. Lohse also reported being forced to drink... MORE »

Picture by jwoww
October 26, 2010

Ithaca is…weird.

Look closely at the um…leg…hanging out of this person’s trunk while driving through downtown Ithaca. Happy halloween…? MORE »

Cornell »
Article by apost
November 3, 2010

Cornell to ban Wheelie Backpacks?

Cornell University had received multiple complaints from professors, students and prospective students after visiting about the amount of wheelie back packs around campus. “The wheelie backpacks are an inconvenience” says Aaron Stewart ’14. “I admit I had one in high school, but when I got to college I knew it was time for a change.”... MORE »

Article by Sheldon J
April 5, 2011

Paddy Murphy: The Ultimate Wingman

This week it has been announced by the SU sororities’, that they are “so over” Edward Cullen and “that whole vampire thing”. The ladies of SU’s Greek life have moved on to greener pastures and more mysterious men. So mysterious, that this man they’ve move on to, is in fact, a ghost.   No, it’s... MORE »