Secret Santa On A Budget (Hofstra)

Article by Max Lehman December 21, 2011

This article is part of our “Let’s Keep This Website Awesome Over Winter Break” Tournament series. Check out the opposing article here and be sure to ‘like’ your favorite! Your so-called friends decide a Secret Santa before everyone goes home for the Holidays would be just delightful, wouldn’t it? Yes, it is delightful when your parents... MORE »

Picture by Leah Folta
February 17, 2011
Article by Shermysherm11
March 17, 2012

One-Liners of the Week!

Cross country runner turns into pile of sticks Tiny dancer actually kind of fat Flat branch restaurant not actually frat branch, disappointed squirrel discovers Spanish turns out to be kind of a dick, no longer a romance language Local Satirist Runs Out of Ideas Smug Pile of Rags Mistaken For Journalism Student Mac pulls partnership... MORE »

Mizzou »
Article by LukeStarnes
February 6, 2012

Justin Blackmon demands trade from Rams

Things for St. Louis continue to suck. The residents discovered late Sunday evening that someone other than Albert Pujols has little interest in the city or the fans in general. Oklahoma State’s all-star wide receiver Justin Blackmon has announced that he is demanding a trade from the St. Louis Rams. This came as a bit... MORE »

Video by Humor Whore
November 3, 2010


A dark comedy film about a small group of roleplayers who struggle to keep their fantasy world alive, even if it means taking drastic measures… MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
May 11, 2011

Casual relationships – not just for the bedroom anymore

A casual relationship is most commonly recognized as a romantic or physical connection between two people who aren’t held to the standard of actually liking each other. It’s seen by many as a welcome escape from the cumbersome requirements of dating or being a boyfriend or girlfriend ““ but some have fallen so far in... MORE »

Article by Piliour
December 2, 2010

Syracuse is Playing in the Pinstripe Bowl!

No, seriously! Syracuse is playing in the Pinstripe Bowl! After countless losing seasons, the Orange are bowl-bound. Huzzah! On Thursday, December 30, ‘Cuse will take on a Big 12 team in their first bowl game since 2004. So, when I said earlier (two sentences ago) that there had been “countless” losing seasons, I actually meant... MORE »

Article by abstewart
October 28, 2011

A Letter to the Girl Who Should’ve Reconsidered the Playboy Bunny Costume

Dear Bountiful Beauties,             Something has come to my attention in recent Halloweens. Female costumes, obviously, have decreased in skin coverage and increased in whoriness for a number of years now. And I’m ok with that. As the old Mean Girls adage goes, “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a... MORE »