Jim Boeheim Caught Smiling After UConn Defeat

Article by Piliour February 13, 2010

After the Orange took care of business the other night against the Huskies, the impossible happened: Jim Boeheim cracked a smile. It is difficult to say for certain that it was, in fact, a smile, since few have witnessed such an event and lived to talk about it. Like the cicadas of North America, Boeheim’s... MORE »

Picture by J.D.Basement
January 27, 2012
Article by Klatch
December 11, 2011

FSU Has Strikingly Similar Attributes to… Hogwarts?

If you go to FSU, at some time you will wonder if JK Rowling spent some time on Landis Green before she decided to whip out her pen and napkin at the little café in London to write Harry Potter. The similarities are so uncanny! After a solid amount of time at FSU, any student... MORE »

Article by Kevin Slack
December 1, 2011

SU Reveals 2005 Fine Investigation Conducted by Team of House Cats

Syracuse University spokesman Dustin Grant announced details of the school’s inquiry into accusations of child sex abuse by SU assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine. Grant revealed that the investigation in 2005 was conducted by a crack squad of 7 domesticated house cats.     “The administration felt that this was the best group to conduct a... MORE »

Article by Kygrm22
March 19, 2012

Top 5 RA Events of 2012

5) Stuff your own dead pet Build A Bear and PETA are cosponsoring this event so you never miss your dead pets ever again. Whenever you’re scared at night and wish your pet would come and lay with you, you can grab your stuffed pet. They used to be alive and friendly but now they... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
September 14, 2010

Syracuse Basketball On Autopilot Is Still Better Than Your Basketball Program

Boeheim is off coaching Team USA, and apparently the team during Fall conditioning  is doing just fine without him. Read more on Nunes Magician nunesmagician.com/2010/9/13/1686685/syracuse-basketball-on-autopilot MORE »

Article by Chris Varney
March 19, 2012

Dorm newspaper meeting rescheduled for 5th straight semester

In the aftermath of the worldwide print media collapse, only one news source stands between the residents of Schurz Residence Hall and a media blackout. Rather, the resident run news publication The Schurz Tentacle would provide a beacon of news in an otherwise black abyss if it ever got published. The Tentacle gets its seemingly... MORE »