Dear Syracuse University….

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Some advice from yours truly, Chrissy Ost. STOP BEING RUDE. 1.Say hello to people you know. Be the nice one, who says hi…the other person will be glad you said hello. 2.Walk with your head up. 3.Go one day not listening to music at all times on full blast. Just don’t use the ipod, listen... MORE »

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April 5, 2012

One Liners of the Week

So, each week we propose ideas, we sit in our tiny little meeting room and attempt to make you and the rest of the people surfing the web show some teeth. These are all of the dunce pitches, the one who no one actually wants to write a story about but we feel as though... MORE »

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November 16, 2010

Our New Site – Note From Founders

You are officially looking at the coolest website on the interwebs. So, you might be wondering what happened to CuseMyCampus and BigRedMyCampus? Well here’s the low-down: First of all, we wanted all that awesome stuff at Syracuse shared with the awesome-ness of Cornell. We’re all content whores.. so here’s more content! The cost of hosting... MORE »

Article by Piliour
January 5, 2011

Report: Syracuse Law Officials Don’t Understand How Publicity Works

For those unaware, a few months ago Syracuse University officials began investigating a law student, Len Audaer, and his blog, SUCOLitis. The blog featured Onion-like stories about Syracuse life, which is, in legal terms, “really fucked up.” Who would dare to make up stories about SU? (Hi, Syracuse officials! Please don’t sue us!) Audaer, whose... MORE »

Article by Rud
November 15, 2011

Student Association Cuts Funding for Syracuse University

     In an unexpected turn of events this week–and likely an unapologetic publicity stunt to remind students that Student Association exists so that they’ll vote for president–Student Association has cut the budget for Syracuse University itself. Robert Rane, the University official who was assigned to attend the meeting to acquire funding for the University,... MORE »

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April 25, 2011

The Return of Music Monday

So almost 6 months ago exactly I had this great idea of posting music every Monday. It worked really well that first Monday (so not really at all), but then I got sidetracked by, well, drinking 4 days a week and somewhat succeeding in school. So forgive me for being absent (read:  honestly i’ve been... MORE »

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December 13, 2010

Facebook Helps You Connect & Share With People in Your Life

If you connect the diferent people on the Facebook homepage, it spells out the word “sex!” MORE »