About Campus Basement

The Campus Basement is a college news and satire community founded in 2004 by two Harvard crew members who saw a need for an open, unedited online forum in which college students could voice their opinions about serious issues on their campus using humor.

In spring 2010, Syracuse University juniors Alex Piliouras and Brian Weinreich murdered those two Harvard crew members, dropped the “The” and stole their idea. They began as Cuse My Campus, a niche college community exclusive to Syracuse. Having no affiliation with the university in any official capacity, Cuse My Campus was the first real opportunity for SU students to publish their most entertaining thoughts without having them dumbed down by presidents or supervisors.

Later that year, the site expanded to Cornell as Big Red My Campus, quite possibly the worst website name in existence for the few months it was called that. Thus, Campus Basement was born. In summer 2011, another Syracuse grad, Alex Rosenthal, who had been on the writing staff since inception, was added as an official partner. Since then, Piliouras, Weinreich, and Rosenthal have expanded the site to over 10 campuses and growing.

Campus Basement is now only a few hundred thousand schools away from a million college campuses, though it does span both coasts of the United States, including such schools as Mizzou, Columbia and USC. The staff works tirelessly (and tirefully) to expand to as many schools as possible, with the hopes of reaching a million campuses by tomorrow. The team also exerts a tremendous amount of effort to keep staff morale high while also ensuring that members do not leave their dank basement prison.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about the health of the basement-imprisoned staff, feel free to email us at campusbasement@gmail.com.