Everyone is talking about Campus Basement! (Well, at least the people below are. And our moms.)

“I challenge all of my readers to wake up an extra ten minutes early every morning and read four sites: CelebritySC (naturally), DailyTrojan or Annenberg TV News, the New York Times, and Campus Basement.” – Celebrity SC


Cornell Daily Sun

“Alexandra Post ’12 is the regional manager of Cornell Campus Basement, a website devoted to satirizing Cornell current events and campus culture. After she recounted to me an (unfortunately sober) incident involving McDonald’s, quotes from The Hangover, a car door and her own struggles with spatial judgment, we sat down to talk satire, Facebook etiquette and her (admittedly petty) beef with The Sun.”


The Maneater

“One video, featuring a Mizzou Basement staff writer preaching Harry Potter in the style of incendiary speakers like Brother Jed, became a Facebook hit.”


Celebrity SC

“Campus Basement, an online satirical news source (think of the Onion) with branches at a handful of major universities, is a site everyone should bookmark.”


Her Campus

“Did you hear about the sex shop opening on the 40? The onset of that rumor was the handiwork of junior Julia Lindon, the head writer and founder of WashU Basement. The new college humor website is quickly taking off and thankfully Julia has gotten WashU in on the action right before it goes big.”



Well played, Cornell