Article by Brian W
December 19, 2017

How Much Time a Writer Needs to Present Quality Paper Writing Help

Essay writing help can be a cheap exercise when requested for early but if a student hires a writer to get help with a large paper and the deadline is near, they will have to spend an extra fortune to have their application articles be submitted on time. Students should not blame it on the... MORE »

May 31, 2017

Essay Help: Simple Tips to Help You Write Your Essay

Most students dread researching and writing essays. Whether in high school, college or on their post-graduate studies, students will be required to write and submit an essay as a requirement for completion of their course or year. Essays are also required for scholarship applications or for contests. There seems to be a never-ending list of... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
April 16, 2017

4 Ways To Be Stress-Free And Enjoy Life When You’re A Student

The Challenge: The life of a student is full of stress. Boredom, isolation, exams, relationship and finances are common causes of stress in a student. The Science: Despite the hectic schedule and busy life, there are many ways that students can fight stress and relax. The Solution: Here are simple ways and tips that can... MORE »

April 25, 2016

Simple Ideas to Improve Student Motivation

Motivation, both basic and extrinsic, is a crucial aspect in the success of learners at all phases of their education, by making use of the essays for sale platform teachers can assume a fundamental role in offering motivation to their students. Of course that’s much easier said than done, since different students derive motivation from... MORE »

August 25, 2015

Jobs For Studens To Make Money And To Boost Resume

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A POOR COLLEGE STUDENT. College is important but very expensive. This is why money is such a rare commodity for most college students. One way to overcome this is to get a part time job and balance that with school. Most courses require someone to put in a set group... MORE »

April 13, 2015

Custom writing services with regards to Advanced Writers

Writing has been passion for some of the candidates and they plan that it should be completed by themselves only with the support of the technical team of the content writing. For them custom writing services is the paramount and they do ensure that the working has to be taken in the right direction and... MORE »

February 25, 2013

New Party & Nightlife Website Find Ragers Nearby

Where are we going? How big is it going to be? What’s the ratio of guys to girls? These are the typical questions you would expect, after inviting friends on a typical evening out. Despite these questions, students still resort to walking around campus looking for the loudest house parties, or a familiar face telling... MORE »

August 14, 2012

Getting A’s the Easy Way: An Awesome and FREE New Book

The new campus fire starter, Cutting Corners: A Complete College Handbook For Getting A’s The Easy Way, is now available for free download on the Amazon Kindle this week.  The funny and controversial how-to guide is celebrating its climb to the top of the Amazon charts, where it hit #1 on the Top College Guides... MORE »

Article by Piliour
May 3, 2012

Around the Web

From studying for finals to partying your ass off (literally?) to discovering that there are no jobs for you once you leave so you might as well just keep partying, this is May’s first Around the Web! Sorry For Partying: College Candy: 1 in 2 College Grads are Unemployed/Underemployed [Current Events Cheat Sheet] MORE »

Article by LukeStarnes
April 24, 2012

Peace Corps in no way associated with Meta World Peace

After Lakers forward Meta World Peace was ejected from Sunday’s game against Oklahoma City for elbowing James Harden in the face, the United States Peace Corps released a statement assuring people that the two groups were in no way associated despite name confusion. The incident occurred after Peace was trying to pump up the crowd... MORE »