UV Residents just as Arrogant as Newhouse Students

Article by Shannon February 23, 2010

As indicated before, a recent poll shows that 99% of the Syracuse University population feels that Newhouse contains the most arrogant students on campus. I wonder if a separate poll would show how many of these students live at University Village Apartments on South Campus, because those kids truly believe that no one can even... MORE »

Ramapo »
Article by GnarlySkarz
February 11, 2012

Pregnant Student Gives Birth for Experiential Component

Angela Zhou, a Senior at Ramapo College has fulfilled her experiential component requirements in quite the peculiar way. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter! It all started back in July on a drunk night. When arriving at school in January she was bursting at the seams.“I knew this bastard child would be popping out... MORE »

Article by Eric Pratt
December 15, 2011

Why Air Travel is Hell and How to Make It Heaven: Part 1

My friend Becca Grumet recently portrayed her flight home as a plane full of smiling people in a Simpsons-opening-perfect sky. I. Think. Not. Air travel is an exercise in the willful torture of hapless civilians which manages, year after year, to escape the attention of the International Criminal Court. Let us throw off the yoke-like... MORE »

Article by drewthegoose
September 28, 2012

ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. Sues Mitt Romney for Hairstyle Copyright Infringement

Mel Kiper Jr. filed suit against Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney Friday for hairstyle copyright infringement. Kiper, the senior NFL draft analyst for ESPN, held a press conference at 8 a.m. Friday to announce his lawsuit. Kiper claimed that Romney’s hairstyle was a blatant copycat of his “legendary locks.” “After looking at several hours of... MORE »

Bryant »
Picture by Sdolph2
November 17, 2011

Conversations 1.2 Nickleback

In this comic strip, we see that guys are guilty of weird shit too. MORE »

Article by Miguel Manalo
November 30, 2012

Snow Removal Delay Due To Official’s ‘New Perspective’

MAHWAH, NJ – Students and faculty were confused by the slow pace of Ramapo’s usually speedy snow crew. After the snow had started to come down heavily a little before noon this past Tuesday, commuters and dorming students alike wondered why it was taking so long to clear the areas. “Last semester the hill by... MORE »

Cornell »
Article by apost
February 17, 2011

Student Abroad Makes History by Failing Out

Adam Rosenberg failed out of his study abroad program. This is the first time in Cornell University history that any student has failed out of their program. It would not be the first time a student was kicked out of their program. That’s actually quite commonplace. These things happen abroad be it from excessive consumptions... MORE »

Article by jwoww
December 2, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: The Cornell Apocalypse is Near

Well, it’s official. The world is ending. After a two week hiatus from Four Loko, students everywhere have been on edge. Life just isn’t the same – people wake up and actually know where they are, with their dignities still intact. THIS IS UNHEARD OF. Long gone are the days of passing out outside of... MORE »

Video by Anonymous
September 15, 2010

I trust this guy

theres has been a lot of football previews. but this one is honestly the best worst MORE »

Article by Ian Arnold
November 7, 2011

Poetic Ode to the D-Bag In Lecture

To the shmuck in the front row,  Always questioning or conversing with the professor,  And supplying more than a “yes” or “no” answer.  To the wannabe professor’s pet,  This, right here, is what’s called a general education course.  Meaning, it does nothing more than fulfill a pointless need. To the jagoff front and left-center,  No... MORE »