College Tuition in the Year 2034

Article by Piliour January 11, 2012

The Daily reported today that, after crunching the numbers based on current trends in inflation, college tuition 22 years from now will cost $422,320 at one of the country’s more prestigious (read: expensive) schools. Now I know what you’re thinking: why does it seem like there’s a weird amount of “twos” in that calculation? I don’t... MORE »

Video by Anonymous
September 14, 2010

That’s My Rodd Pt. 2

College freshmen meets hottest chick ever but gets more than he bargained for. MORE »

Picture by ChillBro
February 17, 2010


enough said MORE »

Article by emcorbet
January 21, 2012

In response to Notre Dame’s win, Syracuse students deny Irish heritage

Following a record-breaking season, Syracuse basketball lost its first game tonight against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. “We’re protesting,” senior James O’Conner says. “Anyone of Irish descent is officially changing said heritage tonight.” With that, O’Conner immediately crossed off his name on his student ID to Ezekial Monora. “I really didn’t know what wasn’t Irish,... MORE »

Article by fremama
December 6, 2011

Letters to My College Self: All-nighters are for pussies!

Dear CollegeMags, As finals roll around, you’ll hear a lot of classmates talk about these ancient rituals known as “all-nighters”. I want you to stay away, CollegeMags. Stay far, far away from all-nighters. People will talk about doing all-nighters before a big exam like they are some type of awesome new trend only they thought... MORE »

Article by Syracuse Staff
March 23, 2010

Marrone Inks 5-Star QB Via Chatroulette

Syracuse University Football may have gotten the boost it so desperately needs, as the team announced the signing of quarterback Jimmie Harrison early Tuesday morning. Harrison, a senior at Wilson High in Amarillo, Texas, exploded on to the national radar during his senior season, leading Wilson to the Class L state championship while shattering the... MORE »

Article by jake13
December 11, 2011

Cracked Out

Now that your parents finally know how hard Lehigh goes because of the fiasco that was Dayglow, they are undoubtedly annoying the shit out of you about how your grades must be, especially with whatever those tests are coming up that everyone seems to be talking about. Only Lehigh would have as big a drug... MORE »

Article by Kevin Cardoni
March 19, 2012

Student Looking for Roommates Doesn’t Realize Nobody Wants to Live With Him

Student housing sucks, plain and simple. The one good thing about student housing is getting out of it and living with your buddies. Or, you know, that random family who doesn’t check their basement or attic enough to notice you living there… The only way to get a decent place to live, whether through the... MORE »

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February 14, 2011

Activ Music Agency & Design Present… Revival

Hip-hop/Dubstep Show featuring: Jay Foss, Indo & Chemicals of Creation Doors@ 8:00 Music@ 8:30 $6 w/ College ID MORE »

Article by Ian Arnold
April 27, 2012

The Biggest Bullshitter: Loch Ness Monster

They call me, “Cock Ness”, for a reason. I ain’t your average sea monster. I don’t swim about hunting krill or great whites. Mere child’s play. I’m too busy splitting Killer Whale’s in half with my member and snacking on Scottish fisherman when I’m bored. I once tried to eat a guy whole, but decided... MORE »