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Video by Anonymous June 29, 2010

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Article by Piliour
September 8, 2010

Football Team Moves Freshmen Into Dorms in Epic Mix-Up

Freshmen were quite surprised during Orientation Week when, instead of Goon Squad, they were greeted by the SU football team. “It was a big mix-up,” says Laura DiCarlo, one of the advisers to Goon Squad. “We have two listservs, one of which is the Goon Squad and one of which is the SU football team,... MORE »

Picture by apost
September 20, 2011

No people were harmed in the making of this gallery – just my eyes

As I was exiting the new Human Ecology building I was greatly disturbed by this image. Is this the New HeB? Since when did Cornell think they could turn a building in the MoMa? I know there is a design major in hum ec, but I can’t see how one major can take over an... MORE »

Video by Anonymous
June 6, 2011

Ghostbuster’s Lecture Hall Prank

Indiana University students dress up as the Ghostbusters and chase a ghost through three lecture halls during class. Students love it. MORE »

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Article by GnarlySkarz
December 29, 2011

Father Judges Wet Tee-Shirt Contest, Daughter doesn’t win.

When the child is 21 years old is it too late to call Dyphus? This question was raised by many attendees at New Rock’s annual holiday party. The party is usually a good reason for students to find their way out of the books and into the bar scene, yet this year the tension was... MORE »

Article by Lia Woodward
October 26, 2011

Students return to Halloween’s traditional roots by celebrating All Sluts Day instead

Halloween is fast approaching. Parties, costumes, scary movies, candy: all of it adds up to the same excellent October 31st we experience every year. However, Halloween wasn’t always about dressing up in clever outfits, trick-or-treating, and grabbing onto one’s attractive friends during the parts of The Sixth Sense that still scare me.   Most people... MORE »

Article by Piliour
September 28, 2010

UU Press Release

Here’s some more info from our friends at University Union! University Union Concerts To Host Two Door Cinema Club University Union Concerts will host Two Door Cinema Club on Tuesday, October 19th as part of its Bandersnatch Music Series. Opening acts include Group Love and Penguin Prison. The concert will be held in the Schine... MORE »

Video by Anonymous
August 27, 2010
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Article by LukeStarnes
February 6, 2012

Justin Blackmon demands trade from Rams

Things for St. Louis continue to suck. The residents discovered late Sunday evening that someone other than Albert Pujols has little interest in the city or the fans in general. Oklahoma State’s all-star wide receiver Justin Blackmon has announced that he is demanding a trade from the St. Louis Rams. This came as a bit... MORE »

Article by R$
September 11, 2011

Cornell Scientist Researches Positive Effects of Wine Tours

Wine Tours embarked upon by members of Cornell students can not only be enjoyable experiences, but they can also be healthy for the physical soul as recently evidenced by Cornell scientist, Gordon Bombay. The study by Bombay concluded that the effect of the grapes that were turned into the wine would produce effects that were... MORE »