Popeye’s to Open in Place of CTP

Article by maxmartinez June 3, 2012

After late nights of partying, Collegetown Pizza has always been there to serve the Cornell community. The sad news that it will be relocating to Dryden Avenue upset many, but don’t cry too much, because a new restaurant is about to open on the corner of college and Dryden, and it’s going to be just... MORE »

Article by sonovabeach
October 16, 2012

The WashU Student Body- An Undecided Voting Bloc

Besides the stars and stripes trend in fashion, the Cards making it to October, and our God-given right to buy 64 oz. cups of soda, there is another reason to love AMURRICA. Guilt forces us into a high school gymnasium, patrolled by the local Council on Aging, to check off a box on a sheet... MORE »

Article by Piliour
September 1, 2010

How to Instantly Become an SU Veteran

Step 1: Learn to hate all things Georgetown and UConn. If you have a friend who goes to either of these schools, guess what: you now have an ex-friend who goes to either of these schools.   Step 2: Learn to despise football in all shapes and forms. If you used to prefer the NFL... MORE »

Cornell »
Article by apost
October 30, 2010

Student accidentally calls professor

This past week during a small lecture multiple students overheard one student call their professor “Mommy” after class while asking her to clarify an equation she had written on the board. “I was so confused” reflected one student, “but I felt bad for him, no one wants to call their professor Mommy, it’s just awkward... MORE »

Video by Brian W
May 9, 2012

This Year At SU I Learned (by the Cuse Basement Staff)

The Syracuse Basement Team (CuseMyCampus) decided to investigate what SU students had learned over the course of the 2011-2012 academic year. So, enjoy this film set to the sappiest soundtrack of all time. We believe “Good riddance” is the musical equivalent of instagramming it. Or, in the words of Fab Melo, “Good film watch me... MORE »

Article by Quinn Sosna-Spear
November 23, 2011

UCLA So Outraged By FUCLA Shirts They Change Name

USC and UCLA harbor a rivalry greater than any rivalry ever held by two southern California universities based in the same city. It’s only logical then that the two institutions would take a few jabs at each other. But based on one of the college’s response, it’s possible that the other party has gone too... MORE »

Video by Alex R
November 29, 2011

Classic Dellplain Hall Staff Video

See what your parents R.A.’s were like. MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
December 14, 2011

Popular Cell Phone Games And Their Life Philosophies

The innocuous little time-wasters we play on our cell phones, at bus stops and parties we didn’t want to go to, may have more to say than you thought. Whether purposely or not, every game is lined subtly with an attitude, an assertion, about the way the world works and how to handle it. For... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
May 1, 2010

DRAKE girl next to me

Dear Randy’s Lover So you were standing next to me at Drake. You were constantly jabbing your elbows at me every time I accidentally brushed against you. Girl, seriously? We’re at a friggin concert. Of course I’m going to jump and down and dance. My arm might brush against yours, but that’s not an invitation... MORE »