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What Your Major Says About You: WashU Edition

Article by heyhey November 14, 2011

What Your Major Says About You   “The mission of Washington University in St. Louis is the promotion of learning “” learning by students and by faculty. Teaching, the transmission of knowledge, is central to our mission, as is research, the creation of new knowledge.”  Though WashU offers more than 90 programs and almost 1,500... MORE »

Picture by Brian and Zack
January 17, 2011

My Little OMG!

My newsfeed following Sorority initiation…. MORE »

Article by NoahBakst
February 6, 2012

Tom Brady vs. Denard Robinson, the Next Michigan Man

Ok, so Tom Brady didn’t win the Superbowl”¦again. He still makes the rest of us guys look like prepubescent seventh graders just popping our first pimples. He’s TOM BRADY. Just look at that smile and remember; he went to school here. He may not have started, or even played many games, but he is the... MORE »

Article by Sheldon J
March 26, 2011

Bitchin Music Special – DJZJ’s Diplo banger

In light of the invasion of Diplo into Syracuse tonight thanks to Hillel, DJZJ, a local dj at SU produced his newest mix called Heiress of Louder featuring Heiress of Valentina (Alesso Remix) by Dune, Keep it Going Louder and Pon de Floor, two of Major Lazer’s most popular songs.   Heiress of Louder (Major... MORE »

Video by d-ly
March 31, 2010

Common Shuts it Down

Common Freestyles about the Cuse MORE »

Article by Crispy Spumoni
October 18, 2012

Product Review: The Newly-Resurrected Astro Pop

Astro Pops, the classic conical suckers with fruity, tricolor tiers, are back on the market after an eight-year hiatus. With Tricks and Treats Night fast approaching, my research assistant from Phi Beta Kappa sorority house volunteered to test the newly-returned candies with me. Food scientists designed Astro Pops to be poured directly into a plastic... MORE »

Article by Shermysherm11
April 8, 2012

Creepy Craigslist Ad of the Week

] Well, shit just got weird. Real weird. Even Creepier? Well, I live 5 minutes away from Grain Valley. MORE »