Local Ithaca Resident Arrested After Being Caught Living in Uris Library

Article by shepbb October 4, 2011

Michael Bates, a local resident of the city of Ithaca, was reportedly arrested last Friday night by the Cornell University Police Department after allegedly living in the Uris Library “cocktail lounge” for nearly a week.   According to the police report, Bates allegedly entered the library Monday morning. He was then seen, on a few... MORE »

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February 11, 2011
Article by USC Staff
December 9, 2011

Weekly Sex with the CB Staff: Virginity

Dear Weekly Sex, With all the different kinds of sex out there, I was wondering what you all think it means to lose your virginity, or be a virgin? - No Reason Just Wondering, sophomore Dear Mr./Ms. Wondering, Whoa. Are you telling me that other stuff counts towards your non-virgin status? Why have I never... MORE »

Picture by ChillBro
June 22, 2010
Article by Piliour
February 18, 2010

Weekend Stories

To all readers/fans/enemies of Cuse My Campus: The weekend is underway, complete with promiscuity, inebriation, and general tomfoolery. What I’m saying is, shit happens on the weekends. Awesome shit. We’re looking for your story. Everyone has a story about the weekend, even if it’s not his/her own. Send us a story about your drunk friend... MORE »

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Video by BGates
September 11, 2012

COEDS IN BEDS- This Is What Dreams Are Made Of (Episode 10)

Have you ever wondered what life is about? We have. MORE »

Article by NoahBakst
February 6, 2012

Tom Brady vs. Denard Robinson, the Next Michigan Man

Ok, so Tom Brady didn’t win the Superbowl”¦again. He still makes the rest of us guys look like prepubescent seventh graders just popping our first pimples. He’s TOM BRADY. Just look at that smile and remember; he went to school here. He may not have started, or even played many games, but he is the... MORE »

Article by Brian W
March 15, 2011

Facebook Friend’s Feed Exposed

After carefully analyzing both my Facebook Friend’s List as well as numerous others, I think I have figured out exactly how Facebook chooses who to show on your Friend’s List. Just to get you up to speed, incase you haven’t noticed, the people who show up on your Facebook Friend’s List are no longer random.... MORE »

Article by drewthegoose
June 14, 2012

Food Helps Explain Euro Crisis to Americans, Study Says

A recent study conducted at the University of Missouri revealed that the best way to explain the current economic European crisis to uninformed Americans is by putting the issues in terms of the cuisines native to each country. Ben Beyer, the head researcher for the study, suggested that the findings demonstrate how little Americans know... MORE »

Article by Piliour
November 17, 2010

Open Mic Night Leaves Many Wondering Why There Are Open Mic Nights

After Benny’s Café hosted an open-mic night last Thursday at Indiana University, many students left the event wondering, “Why the hell are college bars and cafes hosting open mic nights?” “I just don’t understand it,” says Christine Baker of Purdue University. “First off, anyone who’s good at music doesn’t go to college, they smoke a... MORE »