Week in Review: The Early Bird Gets the News

Article by Leah Folta October 16, 2011

Your second-best source for the past week’s Daily Trojan headlines   “Mixed & APA in the Media” event discusses mixed-race entertainers/portrayal; Community’s Danny Pudi spoke, rapped : To mixed reviews.   Career Center advises students to ensure their grades don’t slip if they take on internships : Because, remember: who’s going to care about your... MORE »

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May 2, 2011

OBAMA? Bin Laden is dead

You can always count on Fox News for fucking it up. Maybe next time try “Osama bin laden”! MORE »

Article by Sheldon J
January 28, 2011

Bitchin Music…Friday? – Jack Johnson Remixes, Lions, whips, and Carly Simon

Wow. Im a huge jerk. Sorry I didnt post yesterday, it was literally a nightmare of a day (well, not really, but I was running around the whole day). On top of a class that is 4 hours long, doing homework for a sophomore level class and preparing for that large event that many freshman... MORE »

Article by Splattsburghian
December 27, 2011

The 7 Week Staycation

As the SUNY Plattsburgh campus became progressively muddier (apparently snowfall decided to skip us completely, due thankfully to global warming) we took strides towards our lengthy winter vacation. When searching for fallback schools, in case we weren’t accepted into our first choice at the local community college, it was important to rate the plusses and... MORE »

Article by maxmartinez
April 21, 2012

New Women’s Dorm Named After Psychology Professor

Cornell recently announced that a new women’s dorm, similar to Balch Hall, will be built in 2013 to accommodate the increasing amount of women attending the university. Half of the intramural fields are being zoned off for construction and they plan to break ground in June of 2013. The university would not release the name... MORE »

Article by Nicole G
March 22, 2012

Junior Gets Heat Stroke After All His Classes Were Held on Quad

Junior Gary Fisher was carried off the quad today by ambulance after showing symptoms of heat stroke, dehydration and first degree sunburn. The ETS major was in the sun all day after all of his classes were moved outside. His roommate, Arthur Shaw, said that at Fisher’s first class of the day, the professor polled... MORE »

Article by BradBabendir
April 24, 2012 1 Comment

The Maneater hires editorial staff comprised entirely of kittens

    Though it’s been weeks since The Maneater published its now infamous 2012 April Fool’s edition, it appears the bottom is still falling out on the publication that once had the luxury of basking in its insignificance. With MU’s LGBTQ community still reeling from the hurtful header to the Women’s Center’s outrage, the paper... MORE »

Article by loganeastman
February 12, 2011

Daily Trojan Leads Way in Complaint Reporting

In the age of digital and cable news, the status of print journalism is becoming increasingly irrelevant.  Newspapers are going out of business and some say that our future may be devoid of the coarse material that produces 550 pounds of waste each year per paper ““ a horrible prospect that has journalists and those... MORE »

Article by BradBabendir
February 10, 2012

Newspaper changes from Maneater to Personeater to remove gender bias

The Maneater, the award-winning student newspaper at the University of Missouri, has long been a place for talented and likely-to-be-successful journalists to collaborate with mediocre writers whose hearts will eventually be broken. Unfortunately for the paper, the name, which has been theirs for over 50 years has recently come under heavy fire from the Women’s... MORE »