The Story of Four SU Students Traveling Cross Country

Article by Anonymous April 3, 2011

Remember the video of the kid sledding off his roof on Ackerman? Awesome. Well, that was a collaborative effort between Adam, Chris, Derek, and Dom. Dom and his roommates have decided to take a road trip all around the US following graduation on May 16th. They figured it could be a great experience and another... MORE »

Article by Ian Arnold
December 14, 2011

Stuff Your Sins In a Cup

Feeling guilty about defacing campus property during your night of binge drinking? Concerned someone may find out about the fire alarm you pulled at 4 AM following another round of Keystone Light and Captain Morgan? Or are you paranoid your RA can smell the pot seeping from your room? Stuff your sins in a cup!... MORE »

Article by apost
January 25, 2012

The Giants v. The 49ers: From a Guy Who Doesn’t Know About Sports

So you’re probably thinking, why don’t I know anything about sports? I am a guy and I want to join a frat. Not the typical stereotype now, am I? Yeah, breaking barriers! Anyway, I played sports when I was a kid. Standard, Little League and soccer where everyone runs around chasing the ball and there... MORE »

Article by Rud
September 25, 2011

iSchool Bought out by Apple; Offers Classes for 99 Cents

Things are not quite what they used to be in Hinds Hall, home of Syracuse University’s iSchool. Apple inc., under new leadership, has decided to extend their brand and buy out anything and everything that bares a name similar to their products. The iSchool was not left behind. Apple states that they intend to keep... MORE »

Cornell »
Article by Leigh
February 18, 2011

It’s Finally Here!

For those of you who were captivated by The Pyrimidines and had to go back for more with the Pyrimidines Supplement I and still felt uneasy…well… wait no more. It’s finally here.. the Pyrimidines Supplement II!!!!! It will answer all the questions that The Pyrimidines and the Pyrimidines Supplement I didn’t answer like: Who writes... MORE »

Video by Humor Whore
May 2, 2011

Study Abroad Episode 1

What’s it like to Study Abroad? Watch and find out! MORE »

Article by
April 1, 2011

VCU: Final Four Cinderellas

If VCU can win its Final Four game, it will make basketball history as the highest seed ever in the NCAA Tournament Championship. But first Shaka Smart’s Rams have to get past Butler.Here, VCU students Torin Ortiga and DJ Fili decided to show their school spirit in song. MORE »

Article by Rud
February 20, 2011

Jesse and The Rippers to Headline Blockparty

       Syracuse’s University Union made a controversial decision this past weekend in regards to their annual “Block Party” headliner. In recent years, the acts have been notable rapper, Drake and college rock band, Guster. After many long, thankless meetings of shouting matches and tears, University Union has decided to announce their decision to... MORE »