Thoughts on Thursday’s Game (By Someone Who Doesn’t Get Sports)

Article by Leah Folta January 27, 2012

If this is a basketball, I’m not messing this up yet. We got there 45 minutes early to be one of the first 1000, to get a free bag. Bags weren’t for students. Whatever this “Trojan Fever” is, it must be the reason everyone’s at home. But tickets are free! And shirts are five bucks! With sunglasses! Hell yes!... MORE »

Article by Piliour
March 16, 2011

Business Capping Course Eliminated

Due to an unprecedented number of complaints, the capping course has been removed from the requirements for business majors. Surveys indicate that 94% of business majors felt that the capping course was “too much work.” The course, in which students analyze a company and then write a paper about their findings, was deemed “far too... MORE »

Article by Rebecca Kriegman
November 16, 2011

Acronyms That Will Prevent Me From Graduating

Allow me to rephrase… Abbreviations that WashU uses to stop me from graduating. Specifically, abbreviations that make me fail… At the very least, evidence that suggests WashU truly wants me to break down into hysterics in the middle of Whispers. QA: Quantitatively Annoying. When I reached the ripe age of twelve years old, my mother gave me a pair... MORE »

Ramapo »
Article by Kygrm22
December 23, 2011

Ramapo Athletes Question Coach’s Motives After Lack of Touching

Members of the Men’s Basketball team were distraught Wednesday, after Coach Jones refused to grope them after the game. This isn’t the first time players have come forward about Coach J. refusing to touch them. On several instances over the course of the season, players have openly claimed that they lack a little inspiration. “You... MORE »

Article by Harris Mayersohn
February 10, 2013

USC Realizes There Were Better Project Name Options Than Master Plan

As USC continues its restoration and expansion into the area around the University Park Campus, President C.L. Max Nikias and other school administrators now realize it would have been wise to brainstorm a little more before settling on naming their initiative the Master Plan. USC’s Master Plan – which has nearly nothing to do with... MORE »

Article by apost
September 21, 2010

Sun meets daily quota of 6 errors. Editors celebrate success

And I quote… “During that semester, I experienced more diversity than I probably ever will again. From trying new foods and learning about the United Arab Emeritus” ….Terrorists have attacked for far less than not knowing the name of one of the richest federations in the world. MORE »

Article by Pat McGuinness
March 26, 2010

SU Bus Makes Pit Stop, Rescues Town From Recession

CLARKS SUMMIT, PA”” A small Pennsylvania town came out of a recession yesterday when a bus carrying fifty-two SU students made a surprise pit stop at the towns local Wendy’s franchise. The students were returning from a class trip at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art when driver, John Healy of Dewitt, NY, requested for... MORE »

Article by Crispy Spumoni
September 14, 2012

NYC Board of Health Declares War on Cups

Approximately 600 million large cups are destined for NYC dumpsters after the city’s Board of Health unanimously approved a ban on large sodas and soft drinks at restaurants, food carts and movie theaters. The ban, championed by Mayor Bloomberg in an effort to curb obesity rates, will not affect dairy beverages, alcoholic potations, juice, or... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
May 25, 2011

Fast food industry “unimpressed” with liberal arts BA

“I can’t get hired anywhere!” cries recent grad Becca Reese. “My ex-roommate’s work wasn’t hiring, then my second choices weren’t hiring, then my backups turned me down, and then my second choices called again to make sure I understood I’m unhirable.” Such is the lame, unfun reality check that is trying to find a part-time... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
April 7, 2010

Mystery Mayfest Beer Brewed by Nancy Cantor

Now that “Mayfest” has been tainted, students have decided to try and focus on the good that is still left””the free beer. What will it be? How will it be served? Busch Light? Keystone? Natural Ice? Cans, bottles or red Solo cups? With how money hungry our university is, people have been very curious about... MORE »