Campus Basement Community Guidelines


Know the Line

Every person has a different sense of humor. Some people like fart jokes. Others (read: girls) are offended by them. Keep this in mind when posting. Just because you don’t think something’s offensive doesn’t mean other people won’t either. If you’re an equal opportunity offender, that’s one thing, but don’t constantly berate a group of people.


Never ever ever okay. How would you like it if I said, “Brian Dubayoo is a total douche?” You might not care, but he would (probably). For anyone unclear, libel is something that meets these criteria:


Statement of fact

Of and concerning plaintiff

Published by defendant

W/o privilege


With liability

Damages to plaintiff

If any of that is confusing for you, here’s a simple rule: if you’re thinking about making fun of an individual by saying something false about him/her that could damage his/her reputation, don’t do it. Especially you, Brian, you douchebag.


Yes, Google images has it all. But don’t just do a Google search and steal a photo that someone took. Use and only search for stuff within Creative Commons to use commercially. We’d prefer not to get sued over intellectual property theft. That goes for anything else, too. If it isn’t yours, don’t post it. The only exception is if it’s something newsworthy that you’re embedding in a post in order to comment on it, i.e. embedding a video about students being pepper sprayed so that you can then write about what’s going on. A video of a dude chugging mustard is cool, but if you didn’t take it, not so cool. (Email it to us, though, we’d love to see a dude chugging mustard.)

Whining About Content

Want some french cries with your WAAA-burger? Quit bitching. We know, some posts could make Shakespeare cry while others…well, could make him cry for other reasons. We’re doing our best to put out quality content that you want to read. However, there will be some Godfather: Part IIIs (read: horrible posts, for those of you smart enough to not watch it). But we’re not going to remove content just because you might not like it. We have a diverse writing staff with many different opinions, personalities, and perspectives. As such, not all articles uploaded to the site reflect our personal views. So instead of screaming, “Period homicide!” (read: bloody murder), simply email us a tip about something that we should be covering to Or if you’re funny, send us your own article by pressing the “upload” button on the top right corner of our homepage. We’re always looking for new and interesting stories to cover, and you could be just the person we need!

Intellectual Property

Running a branch of Campus Basement is supposed to be fun. You get to run the Facebook, you get to write what you want when you want and say whatever you want (unless it’s “Brian Dubayoo is a douchebag,” only we get to say that). That being said, once you post it, it belongs to Campus Basement LLC.


“You’re a fu**king idiot.” “Go kill yourself.”
These are examples of emails Alex, Rosenthal, and Brian send each other on a daily basis. But they’re NOT okay on our site. You might disagree with a piece of content, but you can respond in a manner that won’t make the writer change his major from English to philosophy, thus ensuring a lifetime of unemployment. Professing Your Love and Lust

You’re a college student, and we know that. But, try to control your raging hormones when commenting. Our posts can be pretty outrageous, and they might evoke some animal urges, including (but not limited to) barking, meowing, and shitting on your lawn. But make sure you keep it PG … or PG-13 for our moms at least. Besides, all of these proclamations are destined for Brian anyway, so just email him:

Off-Topic Discussion

Go for it. We don’t give a shit.

Annoying the Hell Out of Everyone

Commenting on every article saying the same clever phrase “That’s what she said,” while unquestionably clever, is also the dumbest thing ever. She did not say that. And if she did, she certainly didn’t keep recalling it. Grow up. (That’s what she said.)


You gotta pay the troll toll to troll. It is $10/troll.

Obnoxious Corrections

Oh know — Its’ the GRAMMER poliz! Some of our posts have spelling and grammatical errors. Most of our writers contribute at 2 am while completely intoxicated, so you can expect a few errors here and there. Or their. Or they’re.


It’s not just a river in Egypt. Or a highway in Germany. Or whatever it is. There are ways to get kicked out of the Basement:

Spam or malicious links

Revealing personal information (such as addresses, phone numbers, etc) of others


Copyright infringement

Hurting the feelings of the founders. We’re sensitive individuals.