Whether you’re in sunny SoCal or hanging out with the cast of Fargo at your school, no one likes the winter months while forced to go to classes. Here are the best coping mechanisms for getting through February.

Going to class, dining halls, meetings, work, etc completely intoxicated

It sounds crazy, you say – how productive could you be while drunk? Well let me tell you – infinitely more productive when your face and toes are numb not from the -3 degree weather but from your .29% BAC.

Layer up

Sure, you University of Wisconsiners may think this one is obvious but tell that to the Tampa kids who have zero clue as to what the term “lake effect” means. Putting on enough layers to no longer have an identifiably human silhouette makes the cold at least somewhat more bearable.

Never go outside

It’s my personal favorite option – why even bother with leaving your dorm/apartment? There’s takeout food services for a reason. Hibernate till the snows melt with season marathons of Lost and Mad Men. At the very least, you’ll be able to arise from said hibernation with skills in both survival and creative marketing and advertising.