If you happen to be a twenty something female, chances are you have at least heard of the racy new show Girls on HBO.  Odds are also good that you have somehow finagled an HBO GO password out of someone.  Maybe you befriended that girl who never washes her hair or performed sexual favors for that douchey guy who lives down the hall.  No judgments here, you do what you gotta do, girl. Anyway, the second season of writer/director/actress Lena Dunham’s racy show is drawing nigh, and I thought what better way to celebrate than a Girls themed drinking game!!! Let’s begin:


Firstly, make sure you have a drink in hand.  Preferably something fruity.


  • Anytime Marnie yells someone’s name-DRINK
  • Anytime Shoshanna starts talking really fast-DRINK
  • Anytime Jessa smirks-DRINK
  • Anytime Hannah says something whiny-DRINK
  • If Hannah is naked-DRINK
    • Take a bonus drink for FFT (Full Frontal Tits)
  • Anytime anyone has sex-DRINK
  • If Adam is shirtless-DRINK
  • Anytime someone is putting on makeup or asking for advice on a dubious clothing choice-DRINK
  • If anyone is drinking-DRINK
  • If Hannah says something that is inappropriate for the situation and then tries to fix it, but ends up digging herself into a bigger hole-DRINK


Hopefully these should get you sufficiently shwasted, or at least a little tipsy.  Now drink up to the life you might have sometime in the next 5 years (unemployed and living in a closet in Brooklyn), and good luck with the hangover in class on Monday.