Do we have the best basketball team in the country? No. Do we have the best arena in the country? Yes. Do we have the best fans in the country? Supposedly.

So why is it that countless Orange fans are jumping ship on the S.S. Boeheim? Because of a few bad games in the Big East? Need I remind you that, for all intents and purposes, the Big East is the best conference in men’s basketball? It ain’t exactly the Big Ten, where your team can put up 40 points on any given night and set a record for most baskets made.

Jim Boeheim is still our coach, and probably will continue to be even after he dies. He’s like Tupac. Except cooler. Also, he’s white.

Regardless, for anyone who has forgotten, here are some reasons why Jim Boeheim is amazing.

1.    He used his 2-3 zone to beat cancer. That automatically qualifies him for superhero status.
2.    He has never left Syracuse. He once set foot outside the city line and a tornado came and pushed him back in. For all away games, you’re actually seeing a hologram.
3.    He is never satisfied with anything but the best. Remember when we were 18-0 this year? He called the team “the most overrated” he had ever coached. The dude knows how to motivate.
4.    The jacket flip. No one else in this universe can instill fear like Boeheim when he throws his sports coat back and puts his hands on his hips.
5.    850. He has 850 wins in his career, 5th all-time. To put that into perspectivefor anyone flustered that we “can’t” beat Louisville, that’s almost 300 more than Rick Pitino and his white suit.
6.    He can make opponents miss free throws. Seriously. Between the Big Head Boeheim and these shirts, no one will make a free throw in the Dome again.
7.    He’s Jim Fucking Boeheim. Period.

In summary, don’t jump ship. In a year where our football team won a bowl game, anything is possible. And stranger things have happened in March/April than a ranked team winning it all.

Whose house? Boeheim’s house.