After the week-long string of 40 degree days, students at
Syracuse University aren’t confused as to this weather but are seasoned vets of
the bizarre climatic rollercoaster. They are so used to similar spikes in
temperature, they know exactly what to anticipate next.


The university-wide skip day usually scheduled in late April
which invariably provides 80 degree weather is expected to now arrive sometime
this week.

“C’mon, I’m a senior, I’ve seen SU weather ““ we go
through  a shitty winter, then one week
it hits this kind of weather ““ yknow, hot but not too hot ““ and then next week
we have Mayfest!” Says senior biology major Carlos Hernandez. After showing
Hernandez the forecast for next week which includes temperatures in the 20s,
Hernandez said, “Wait shit, okay, now I can’t remember ““ does that mean Mayfest
is going to happen right after the day it hits -2? Or fuck, did I miss Mayfest
somehow? Shit!”