Professor Robert Konoski thought yesterday was just another day of the week when he woke up. “I really didn’t think anything of it.” he said. “If you had asked me if this would happen in my 3 o’clock class when I woke up this morning, I would have told you that you were crazy.” What Professor Konoski is referring to is the joke he made to his American National Government class. 

Allegedly, Doctor Konoski was asked by one of his twenty students if he had gotten a haircut and he replied to that student “No, I got them all cut.”

“I wasn’t rolling in the aisles or anything, but I definitely cracked a smile.” admits Freshman Political Science major, Aaron Williams.

Not all of the responses to Professor Konoski’s clever play on words have been as indifferent, however. One of the students in Konoski’s class who chooses to remain anonymous is quoted as saying: “I really didn’t think it was funny, it was just really cheesy. It took me a minute to even understand what he was trying to say.”

When asked if he would continue to try to crack jokes in the future, Konoski responded: “It’s not in the syllabus, but if I can find time I may try. If I can elicit just one half-hearted chuckle from a student hoping to raise their grade, I feel like I’ve done my job.”

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