I’m not going outside, at least not on bid day. That’s what it’s called, right? The one with the screaming girls running around campus?

Senior Anthony Pantene notes his reluctance to go anywhere near Greek row as this weekend, as Rush kick off starts Friday.

“I am SO excited! I just cannot wait to see which houses I’ll get bids for yknow like which ones are going to be really nice and friendly and open and like which ones just won’t be for me and like I really want to get one where everyone is just super chill and awesome and just like a really great sisterhood yknow and I am just so excited to be part of this” says freshman Joanie Teal, whose run on sentence of excitement had to be edited down.

“I’m pretty pumped, actually, with so many people out doing this Greek life thing, I’m counting on having some extra breathing room in Chuck’s,” says junior Sara Ladler.  “If anything, I wish this process lasted longer.”

“I’m excited,” says junior RA Eric Crewton. “If it takes my residents out of the building and away from me, I’m satisfied.”