It’s been awfully quiet here at the Syracuse Basement, and I’ve decided to take it upon myself to update you all on what we’ve been up to.  How lucky you are!  So without further ado, here’s what you need to know and don’t already know about the greatest school in the nation, mine.


  • It’s been obscenely hot, and people have been wearing the least amount of clothes possible without being considered, “legally naked.”  I can’t say I haven’t joined them, but I can say that a particular kiddie pool got a lot of use for the first two weeks that I was on campus.

“This is it! We’re livin’ it!”

  • It’s now been cold for 2 days.  Every girl on campus just got her North Face jacket, leggings and Ugg boots out in a fit of joy.  Ugh.  Here comes winter, after a whole day of fall.  Awesome, only 6 months of depressing weather to go!


  • SU professors have never started off with more of a vengeance than they have this semester.  I’ve seen kids frazzled and dazed in the library at 6 in the morning during SYLLABUS WEEK.  How is this even possible?  I know we’re all generally good students, to some extent, but this is ridiculous.  These teachers don’t seem to know what they’re doing here, because absolutely no one was prepared to learn just yet.

“…and there was much rejoicing.”

  • Our football team is off to a quick 0-2 start…sooooo, not too bad I guess…


  • We just had Calvin Harris and Childish Gambino perform at our annual Juice Jam concert.  Thousands of kids decided to make poor life choices on a perfectly good Sunday afternoon.  What did you do last weekend?


  • Tickets went on sale (and immediately sold out for) for a two-day Peace Forum headlined by the Dalai Lama and Dave Matthews.  From what I’ve learned form Caddyshack – which is a lot – I understand that the Lama is a pretty serious golfer, and will probably hit up the links at Drumlins immediately following the event.  Oh, and the emcee will be Whoopi Goldberg.  Something tells me she won’t do anything that even comes close to resembling the Sister Act in any way at all, but hey, a kid can dream, can’t he?

“Is he serious?”