Super Bowl Sunday turned out to be a whole lot less manly this year than usual, as Panhellenic sorority recruitment finally came to an end with Bid Day. On this notoriously emotional once-a-year holiday, freshmen girls are finally given bids to join one of SU’s renowned sororities after a grueling two week rush process, which includes obnoxiously loud cheering and singing, gossiping about boys, and obscene amounts of estrogen in a confined space.
Bid Day marks the time when sororities decide which of the hundreds of potential new members they’d like to join their sisterhood, whether it’s based on nice conversations, legacies, or if she simply has a big pair of personalities that would make the house look better.
Once the freshmen girls opened their envelopes to discover which sorority they’d been invited to, tears of both joy and sadness were shed, depending on which house the invitation came from. One thing that remains consistent, however, is that the current sisters of every sorority are excited about their new pledge classes (PCs) and the new girls that would be joining them (inexplicably referred to as “babies” by the sorority community).
“OMG I love love LOVEEEE the new babies!!!!1” wrote junior Ashley Zeichman in a Facebook status update from last night. “***FΓiendships CaΠ Last A LifΣtime *** <3<3<3” she continued, using an overwhelmingly inspirational quote that truly captures the essence of what sisterhood is all about.
“I’m proud to officially become a part of something bigger than myself,” explained freshman Patty Finkelstein, who just completed the rush process and is now happily amongst a group of new PC ’11 babies. “We also get free t-shirts.”
Additionally, Patty remarked endlessly on how much she loves her big. We got it, thanks Patty.