8 Minutes to Go: Okay, let’s just
relax. We’ve been in this situation
before. Don’t wanna get your hopes up, only to
be crushed by his
entrance. He’s gonna come. There’s no shot he’s
not coming. I wonder
what we’re learning today. Yup, definitely gonna

7 Minutes to Go:
Holy shit, he’s not coming.
This. Is. Happening. I’m
gonna get so much accomplished with this extra
time. First, I’m
finishing my Strategic Management homework. Then
I’m doing that essay
and reading those chapters. Hell, I’m gonna
apply for a couple jobs
today also.

6 Minutes to Go:
Actually, I’m gonna get food
from Bagel Train and
watch How I Met Your Mother on Netflix

5 Minutes to Go:
Why is that teacher’s pet girl
staring at me? Or am I
staring at her. Quick! Look away. Yes… Nailed
it. That was so
smooth. Who does she think she is? Don’t judge
me. How much shit can
you bedazzle anyway? Nice sparkly calculator,
Hannah Montana. And is that a unicorn on your shirt? I hate this girl. I’d hook
up with her.

4 Minutes to Go: I can’t take this
suspense anymore. Every damn squeak from a door opening on this floor is making
my heart race. That 3-second period when time freezes as someone enters but is not
yet visible to the class because they still have to walk through that little
alcove that some ASB classrooms have is driving me crazy. There it is again!
The squeak! It’s our door this time. Someone’s coming in. I can’t breathe. No
whammy, no whammy, no whammy”¦ Thank God. It’s that kid with a long board.

3 Minutes to Go: â™ªDeh
Nuh Nuh, Deh NehNehNeh, Nuh Nuh NehNeh DE NEH-NUH Wuhhh ohhhh sometiiimmmesss ♪

2 Minutes
to Go:
The class can smell the finish line. People are starting to chatter
about the prospect of an unplanned free afternoon. I love this moment. I live
for classroom camaraderie. Acquaintances turned friends. Strangers turned plan
plotters. We are all one. What was once a classroom of individual agendas has
morphed into one of unity and- oh shit. The professor just came in. That was anti-climactic.

Minute Post Heartbreak
: ♪Deh Nuh Nuh, Deh NehNehNeh,
Nuh Nuh NehNeh DE NEH-NUH Wuhhh ohhhh sometiiimmmesss ♪