New York Knicks standout Jeremy Lin has taken the National Basketball Association by storm, with the Knicks winning 7 of the 8 games the young point guard has started in. Lin has created a buzz worldwide, as people continue to praise the Harvard graduate. Sources suggest that an Asian American hasn’t made this much noise since the Wu Tang Clan, who turned out not to be very Asian at all.

But not everyone is convinced that Jeremy Lin is in fact an Asian-“American.” Business mogul Donald Trump refuses to believe that Lin actually grew up in southern California, vowing to go “double or nothing” on his Obama bets.

“It doesn’t make any sense to me, he looks”¦ different from the other guys I see in the NBA,” Trump said. “Look, I’m not here to split hairs, no engine that runs like his is American made.”

After ESPN relentlessly aired random footage of people watching Lin at sports bars in places like Hong Kong, rumors began to swirl that Lin was somehow connected to these people in other ways than just how he looks. While ESPN maintains that they are not racist in their coverage, Trump, like many citizens, can’t help but believe that Lin isn’t actually a natural born American citizen.

“It’s not enough to just applaud him on his amazing basketball ability and how he turned an entire organization around,” an ESPN spokesperson said. “We want everyone to be well aware that he slept on his brother’s couch at one point in his life and that he is, in fact, Asian. Seriously, he is, we even have the photos to prove it.”

Amidst Trump’s allegations, Lin continues to insist he grew up in Palo Alto, while highlighting the fact that unlike most of the players in the NBA, he actually has a college education.

“My economics degree from Harvard is probably what I’m the most proud of in my life,” Lin said. “I knew that if the whole NBA superstar thing didn’t work out, I could probably use my degree to get a job and one day buy out a bankrupt CEO like Trump and end up purchasing the Knicks anyway.”