Stop. Please stop? Pretty please with an attention craving Ramapo sophomore girl on top? We get it… your air conditioner isn’t turning on properly. I promise you, however, that this is not some elaborate ploy by the maintenance men at Ramapo to piss “only you” off. And to all those “only me’s” out there that this is happening to, count all the “only me’s” you see on Facebook. There’s like 12 of them every hour, completely invalidating your claim to be the only one that this is “of course” happening to.

It’s not funny. There’s nothing clever about voicing your concerns in the form of a written letter. Graduate from the passive aggressive bullshit and the “Dear ladybug infestation in my room” status updates and learn how to speak your mind like a normal college student in the 21stcentury. Tweet that shit. “@JulieJulezzz4429 THE ONE CLASS I NEED NEXT SEMESTER IS TAKEN. COOL RAMAPO!!!!!!”

Ramapo students (girls) of all different affiliations (sororities), please hear this PSA. Fight the urge to post a “Dear ­­­­__________” complaint on Facebook, and instead use the site for its intended purpose: uploading slutty spring break pictures.


A Ramapo Basement writer who ran out of article ideas