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Article by Miguel Manalo
October 15, 2012

Are Pumpkins More Delicious Or Deadly?

Mahwah, NJ – It has been 23 days since the beginning of Autumn. This means that every beverage, piece of clothing, and homework assignment on Ramapo’s Mahwah campus has the right to be pumpkin-related. However, the investigative team here at Ramapo Basement has uncovered the scary (like Halloween H20 scary) truth behind this yearly pumpkin... MORE »

Article by J.D.Basement
February 20, 2012

8 Minutes to Freedom: Inner Monologue of Student Whose Professor is Late

8 Minutes to Go: Okay, let’s just relax. We’ve been in this situation before. Don’t wanna get your hopes up, only to be crushed by his entrance. He’s gonna come. There’s no shot he’s not coming. I wonder what we’re learning today. Yup, definitely gonna come. 7 Minutes to Go: Holy shit, he’s not coming.... MORE »

Article by Rud
January 29, 2012

Ten Ways to Make Your Professor Hate You

1. On every essay exam, write 4 different ‘options’ as answers. On multiple choice exams, write long descriptions of your answer in the margins. Tell her you just don’t ‘get’ testing. 2. No matter what the subject matter is, whenever a question is asked in class, always relate your answer to Harry Potter. Hitler—>Voldemort. Jesus—>Harry.... MORE »

Picture by J.D.Basement
January 27, 2012
Article by Lia Woodward
November 23, 2011

Students fly home to celebrate National Haircut/Long Distance Breakup Weekend

It’s an exciting time of year. Late November.   Classes end early, beards are in full swing, everybody travels near and far to be among friends and family, people buy extra food, all to celebrate one very important American holiday: National Haircut/Breakup weekend.   Since this great nation’s birth, the week of November 24th has... MORE »