Mahwah, NJ- Ramapo is in hot water once again due to the college’s most recent omission of details. After getting in trouble for excluding SAT scores last week, it has been learned that the institution has also been avoiding telling prospective students that this is, in fact, Ramapo College. The scandal was allegedly conducted in an effort to attract a larger percentage of recruits, as the board of directors felt the chance of a high school senior choosing Ramapo would increase if he or she didn’t know the institution’s identity.

Director of Marketing, Frank Mandlebaum claims, “This is crazy. I specifically told those kids and their parents that the school by the reservation has great facilities, that the campus off 202 is beautiful, and that the college with that phantom shooting in the Village parking lot last year is a great place to network for the future.” When asked if he once mentioned the name Ramapo in his pitch, he waved off reporters and said he had to go push boundaries.

Sources have informed Ramapo Basement that the sign at the front entrance of campus was recently seen with several spelling modifications. Apparently, “Amapo” and “Ollege” were replaced with “Utgers” and “Amden.”