Multimedia Storytelling (COM 117) is a required course for
every Newhouse student. Freshman Jessica Serkiss took the class extremely
seriously. Serkiss and her group received an A- for their 2 minute non-fiction
film about Syracuse’s weird weather entitled “Where’s the Sunshine?”.

Serkiss’s first thought upon seeing her grade was, “I
totally deserved an A+, this is gonna bring down my entire GPA.” After crying
in a Newhouse bathroom for an hour, then getting lost around Newhouse for
another, the COM 117 student emerged in She claims that a poster of
Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin was pinned to one of the bulletin boards, and that’s
when she had her epiphany. “I always knew I would be the next Aaron Sorkin, but
I never realized how similar our names are. Serkiss-Sorkin-Serkiss-Sorkin,”
said Serkiss. She immediately decided that she doesn’t need a Newhouse
professor to tell her what videos are and aren’t good.

Her group member, Jason Bolin, tells us, “our group got,
like, a good 3 hours of footage. We even filmed during the Georgetown game. That
shows that we’re obviously the hardest working
students at Syracuse!” He agrees with Jessica and has seconded the nomination
for “Where’s the Sunshine?” in the Best Documentary category. They are both
currently en route to L.A. to talk to the Academy before Sunday’s award show.