“There are some days where I feel like nobody cares,” an anonymous
USC junior shook her head sadly one chilly December lunchtime. “I have to walk
a couple blocks to get Subway, sometimes. It’s not right.”

She turned away so I wouldn’t see her wipe away a tear. I

This hungry student is one of an apparent many frustrated by
the lopsided Subway supply/demand ratio. Lovers of the eatery cite its main
points of excellence in their food being cheap and, taste-wise, acceptable, and
has been affectionately dubbed “the McDonald’s of sandwich places” by some.

The current scarcity in student neighborhoods is considered
embarrassing. Officials point to the opening of the new Gateway location in
their defense ““ given the choice between adding another 24-hour Subway (to keep
the UV and other Figueroa location company) or literally anything else to cater to our culinary cravings, a Subway
was opened.

“But like it’s insulting to even present any other place as
an option,” a Subway-supporter furiously blogs. “Nothing compares. If it were
up to me, I wouldn’t want to spend my money on anything besides these bland,
acceptably nutritious sandwiches stuffed principally with iceberg lettuce. I’m
comfortable saying that, in this case, variety is the enemy of my happiness.”

Our anonymous junior attempts a brave smile; it’s a
struggle. “I know someday, there will be enough for me. Until then, I have a – “
She checks her watch.  ” ““ six minute
walk I need to get started on.”