It’s an exciting time of year. Late November.


Classes end early, beards are in full swing, everybody travels
near and far to be among friends and family, people buy extra food, all to
celebrate one very important American holiday: National Haircut/Breakup


Since this great nation’s birth, the week of November 24th
has been special because it’s statistically the best time to get haircuts and,
in a strange coincidental twist, break up that long distance college


History professor Thomas Van Weeks was happy to share some
insight into the upcoming holiday.


“Everyone’s familiar with the story of how after a particularly harsh year, the Native
Americans and Pilgrims offered to give each other really excellent haircuts
around this time in 1621,” says Van Weeks. “Right around the same time, after
hanging out with the fun new and exciting Native Americans, those college age Pilgrims
recognized that the “special Puritan someones’ they had back in England didn’t
seem so special anymore.”


Since then, the tradition of getting the family together for
haircuts and college breakups has thrived year after year.


“I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends, and my
familiar hair stylist that I trust,” says Drew O’Reilly, sophomore. “Oh and my
girlfriend that goes to ASU. I can’t WAIT to break up with her.”


This week especially is the time to join hands with your
family around a sumptuous feast, without that pesky girlfriend or boyfriend,
look each other in the eyes, and say “damn our hair looks good.”

At least that’s what I’ll be doing.


 Photo Credit: Jordan Ryle