The Nacho Burrito at Baja Fresh located at Café 84 is one of
the most delicious and satisfying things I’ve ever put in my mouth (and I’ve
put a lot of delicious and satisfying things in my mouth). But if you’re a
Chipotle fan like I am then you know how hard it is to enjoy any burrito-like
object that isn’t a Chipotle burrito. And if you’re a Freebirds fan then you’re
just wrong and I have no respect for you. So if you find yourself stuck on
campus one day with no way to get to the wondrous Chipotle and having to settle
for some day-old Sushi from TroGro yet again, let me tell you why you should
give the ol’ Nacho Burrito a try.


The first thing that happens right off the bat after you’ve
ordered the Nacho Burrito is that your tortilla gets quickly regrilled, as it
does at both Chipotes and Yuckbirds. But there is instantly something
different. Something brilliant. Something magical. The cheese is actually put
in the tortilla as it gets regrilled. WHAT?! Yes. My cheese is already melty
yummy at the start of this burrito making process. Genius.


After putting in a nice layer of rice, the friendly Baja
Fresh employee then asks you which kind of meat you’d like in your burrito
which is one of the few things you even have to decide upon during the creation
of this masterpiece. I always get steak, which I also do in my Chipotlicious
burritos, but if you prefer carnitas or chicken then by all means pick those
and enjoy your preferred meat as much as I enjoy my preferred meat.


As soon as you’ve made your meat decision, another something
extraordinary occurs that might possibly be the best part of this beautiful
concoction. If you’re like me, you can never remember what kind of beans it is
that you like when they ask you at Chipotle or Freebirds to choose between
pinto and black. You just stand there, tongue-tied, because you want to say,
“Uh”¦ refried?” but you know you can’t because that wasn’t an option and end up
saying, “Brown,” since it’s the closest to refried, right? But the Nacho
Burrito doesn’t give you that option to make yourself look like a fool and
sound like a racist because the Nacho Burrito is so ultimate that it calls for
BOTH pinto and black beans. I know, this is blowing your mind right now. I
know. So not only do you not have to ask for either bean because they’re both


Your Nacho Burrito is now filled with rice, melted cheese,
meat, and two (count “em, two) kinds of beans. At this point you go, “All
right. This seems like a pretty kicking burrito, gotta say. But pray tell,
where does the “nacho” part come in?” And as quickly as that concern is brought
up, it is put to rest. For faster than Speedy Gonzales could run, (purely
coincidental reference and absolutely nothing to do with the fact that said
animated mouse is a racial stereotype and used in regard here with Mexican
food) you look down to see that crispy tortilla strips have been placed inside
your burrito. Wait, my burrito is gonna have some crunch to it? I’m a gonna
like that”¦ No. You’re gonna LOVE that.


And then, before you know it you’ve got warm queso being
poured over the burrito’s contents so far. So now you’ve got all your burrito’s
insides being sandwiched by two delicious kinds of melty cheesiness. At this
point you are asked the only other question needed to know to complete your
burrito-of-awesome. “Jalapeños?” If you are not a spicy person or a person who
does not like spicy things, then don’t get the jalapeños. But if you are then
get them. I’m a spicy person therefore I get them. Your Nacho Burrito is then
wrapped up and handed to you. Are you prepared?


As you sit down and take your first bite of this seemingly
perfect dish, the first thing you notice is the consistency of the tortilla
itself. It’s thick. It isn’t some pansy-ass thin tortilla that Freebirdies and
even my beloved Chipotle are both guilty of. It’s a tortilla that’s gonna keep
all the insides in tact for a much longer period of time as you chow down. You
then get to all the burrito’s contents. Everything you saw them put in it as
you stood in awe and amazement. And everything comes bursting into your mouth
in such an enjoyable fashion you immediately realize after that first bite that
this burrito is going to become a new weekly indulgence.


Now, again, I love me some Chipotle and will gladly walk
over there when I need it to survive. And while Baja Fresh is not anywhere as
near and dear to my heart as Chipotle, this Nacho Burrito has become a strong
favorite of mine and I must say, it’s better than a lot of other crap that I