Part of a new series in which Becca reviews various hotstops around the USC campus.

In the heart of the various Figueroa Street shopping centers lies a magical place you might have noticed but never fully explored: Spudnuts Donuts. Perhaps the cops breaking up a nearby fight have scared you away in the past, or the idea of Chano’s seemed more delightful at 4am. Alas, I am here to tell you that this little gem of a donut shop is a USC treasure everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime if not every Thursday night.

Upon such an early morning Spudnuts visit last week, my group and I immediately noticed the new renovations. Regulars: do not be fooled by the “shiny” green-colored counters – the donuts taste just as awesomely average as you remember. We ordered the last raspberry filled donut, a bear claw, a maple bar, and then basked in the feeling of being completely disgusted with ourselves. Overall: the usual awesomeness.

You see, Spudnuts is so much more than a donut shop. What stands out is the variety. You can get anything from fritters to bagels to breakfast sandwiches to ice cream to any kind of boba-related drink to cereal to cigarettes to vitamin water to iPhone cases to copies of your assignment due in an hour. And you can enjoy it all while watching mind numbing daytime TV on a giant flat screen. Plus there’s always the drunkards. They need their donuts too.

But seriously, the drunk meanderers from the row are not to be missed. Sometimes they appear in crazy costumes, barely anything at all, or disheveled formalwear. It’s all part of the Spudnuts experience. Sometimes they even fight with other drunk people on the street!

So whether you’re satisfying your legitimate donut craving, need to use the ATM, or require the perfect bedazzled iPhone case, Spudnuts Donuts is one stop shop for all Trojans at all hours.

Rating: 4/5 stars