Because time moves too quickly in college I’m not really sure what Thanksgiving is about anymore (pilgrims?? Genocide? I dunno), but the one thing I do recall is that people say what they’re thankful for, and so I’ve compiled a list to read out at the dinner table tomorrow:

1. The Mucho Mango smoothie at the SCA Coffee Bean. Since Cafe ’84 and therefore Jamba Juice left us, this drink has filled every smoothie craving this semester. On the down side, a large costs $5.60 and I usually end up leaving half of it in the editing lab.

2. Parks and Recreation on NBC. Why are Leslie and Ben so perfect? This show makes everything better.

3. My bed. It’s too big for me and cushy and wonderful. Major props to the fratty architecture bro  I bought it from for leaving a fancy duvet behind. Don’t worry, I washed it.

4. Pandora. Whatever Spotify, you don’t get my mood swings at all and your eclecticness sucks.

5. The Spirit of Troy aka the University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band aka the Greatest Marching Band in the History of the Universe. When I’m having a down day, I stop by Cromwell Field and listen to some epic rounds of “Tribute.” The band keeps me sane.

6. My landlord’s failure to notice that our coin laundry works just fine without coins.

7. The fact that it’s not weird to wear jeans more than once per wash.

8. That I still fit my jeans.

9. Huge baggy sweatshirts. They’re comfy, hide all the fast food you eat, and are great for hugs. Seriously. Hug anyone in a baggy sweatshirt and tell me it’s not awesome.

10. Jennifer Lawrence‘s rise to fame. I mean it. Ever since The Hunger Games, I’ve gotten comments that she’s my celebrity doppelgänger and I am perfectly okay with this.

11. Bagels and lox at Sandwich Island in the University Village. They cure all of my Jew cravings for the solid price of $5.50. You go, Sandwich Island.

12. The University Religious Center for giving me a new place to take naps in between classes. They really have too many couches for their own good.

13. The Yellow Jacket Security peeps on the street where I live. Somehow they make me feel better even though they just stand around and look really cold. Make that extremely cold.

14. The slightly updated interface for USC Web Registration. As someone who is slightly obsessed with class scheduling, it’s much cleaner looking now? More colorful? Am I the only one who noticed this yes okay nevermind

15. Finally, pie. I have been a huge fan of pie for awhile now, and I can safely say I’m ready for it. Preferably in the pumpkin or apple variety, but I’ll take what I can get.