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USC Quidditch team
will face UCLA on January 29 :
A longstanding rivalry that holds a certain
magic for some. And an amount of politely hiding embarrassment for their

Daylong Bike Summit included
new draft of bike safety recommendations :
Suggestions about noticing stop
signs and not crashing into pedestrians met with skepticism

DPS held campus
safety fair to educate about natural disasters and personal safety :
seminars consisted of them shouting “WALK YOUR BIKE”

USC professor writes
book on preventative medicine :
Most of the chapters are just “WALK YOUR

LGBTQ & Allies
held a Welcome Back BBQ in Alumni Park :
someday barbecues like these will be officially recognized by the state

EVK and Parkside
change dining hours to mixed reactions :
Other reactions were blended,
pureed, baked

DPS officers responded to a report of two students involved in a dispute outside Jack in the Box : Don’t get in the way when Fight Club decides where to grab lunch.

Safety Officers determined that a chemical spill was a powdered
cleaning solution. The chemical was then cleaned up without further
incident : 
Delayed somewhat
by a low supply of cleaning solution

Metro line opening postponed indefinitely : Complaining about the Metro line still thrives

A staff member reported that, while standing in
a parking stall she was saving for her husband, a non-USC female forced her out
of the space by intentionally driving her vehicle into her : 
She was booked under “of course we’ve all thought
about doing that but, really, what the hell”

A female student reported that a male suspect
slapped her buttocks as she rode her bicycle past him. The suspect was
determined to be intoxicated :

He was booked under “of course we all want to be on Mad Men but, really, what
the hell”

Marshall’s start-of-the-year Wellness Fair included rock climbing : Coincidentally, so did the Injury Fair

Photo Credit: Grace Talice Lee

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