Two professors falling for each other is a common thing in the education system. The work place is often a dating hot-spot even though workers are told not to mingle with one another. After two years of dating, two Cornell biology professors are getting married in July, and they’re doing so at the place where they had their first date, Bear Necessities, affectionately known as just Nasties.

Eigth-year biology professor Mark Kendricks and 6th year biology professor Hanku Miso will be holding their wedding reception in July at Nasties, and they are extremely excited for the occasion. “I’ve always wanted my family to try the southwest chicken sub at Nasties. The chipotle is mouthwatering and it’s what I ate when I met Hanny,” said Kendricks.

Although it’s very rare for people to hold weddings on campus in a place that is not a chapel, Miso is good friends with the manager of Cornell Dining and received her graces. It is a private party and only friends and family will be invited. Let’s hope that they have a wonderful wedding and don’t spend the end of the night doing the nasty in Nasties.