Greeting Syracuseans,
Don’t settle for boring Spring Break plans. We all need to unite and get out of this hell hole for at least one week.

To cheer on your efforts, here is this completely original, not-ripped-off-from-American-Pie-spring-break-anthem:

Spring Break!

A long, long time ago
I can still remember
How high school spring breaks seemed shitty
And I knew if I could be at college
And that I could then acknowledge
What college spring breaks could bring me

But freshman year, I
couldn’t commit 

To Panama City or that Cancun shit
I lost out

Ended up back home
with mother

I can’t remember if
I cried

When I learned of Miami’s record highs
But something
sparked me deep inside

The day, I knew
spring break would be mine

So bye, bye you pansy break plans
No more humdrum schemes when I come
To Caribbean lands
Then my college peers will applaud my Jamaican tan
Sing, this year we will be in command
Spring break, we will be in command