Have a problem talking to the ladies? Me neither.  But
my game is probably better than yours, and you’re just lying to yourself. 
Thought it was just between you and Palmala Handerson huh?  That’s not
even a person, you disgusting fool.  That’s your hand.  So get off
your ass this weekend, or at flip night this Tuesday, or wherever there’s drunk
girls with lowered standards, and mack some bitches.  And use these lines while you’re at it.

  1. ·        
    Hey baby, I have a piece of white bread tattooed
    to my inner thigh on both legs.  How
    about we make a sandwich with your face?
  2. ·        
    Yo girl, yo shit be poppin’ like an elephant on bubble
  3. ·        
    Me and you go together like beauty and the beast”¦in
    his pants.
  4. ·        
    I saw you from across the room, and your beauty
    struck me like the B.O. of an Indian cab driver in July”¦
  5. ·        
    Hi”¦My name is                     .  I would find your morning breath lovely.
  6. ·        
    You like ice cream? Yeah? Well, I like you
    scream.  Let’s go back to my place, both
    scream, then eat ice cream.
  7. ·        
    Are you related to Barney, the purple
    dinosaur?  Because every time I’m around
    you I can’t stop using my imagination.
  8. ·        
    Yo girl, I saw your future, it’s a two word
    story with a happy ending called “Yours Truly’.

Congrats, you just got laid. 
Feels good doesn’t it?