It was just another ordinary day. Liz Cohen woke up about 45 minutes before class to start off her day. Once again she was faced with a dilemma. What should she wear today? However, just like any other day it was a simple no-brainer. She tossed on a loose t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Her New Balance sneakers were lying by the door. Liz tied her hair in a loose ponytail, grabbed her books, put on her sneakers, and set off for class.

Once outside she noticed something odd. Was she the only girl wearing jeans? Occasionally she would see 2/10 girls wearing jeans and sneakers but this day was different. Every girl was wearing black leggings, Uggs, and a Northface. “I guess I never got the memo” she hummed to herself. At first it seemed normal. Each girl happened to be wearing the same outfit with different color, length and style Ugg boot. They’re shirts also varied. She saw a sea of black Northfaces with no variation in color. But there was no one dressed like her to be found. Still not worrying, Liz walked on to class.

As she was turning on to Comstock a DPS vehicle stopped beside her. The officer stepped out of the car. He told Liz he had to take her immediately to Chancellor Nancy Cantor’s house for immediate evaluation. He explained that in her case she would be left off easy as long as she quietly disappeared from the university. Liz was very confused.

Upon arrival at Nancy Cantor’s home, the guards by the entrance of the gate looked her up and down shooting hateful, disgusted looks. According to Cantor a new law issued by the university stated that all females couldn’t be seen in public without wearing Uggs, Northfaces, or leggings. Liz clearly was not following the new law. She was escorted back to her dorm where she was able to gather her belongings. DPS shuttled her to the outskirts of campus where she had to wait to be picked up.
“Imagine walking to class and seeing your friends give you an overlook and then glare at you with hate in their eyes. I lost my group of friends here. Maybe I’ll just stick with community college for now.” Liz said devastated.

Nancy Cantor declined to comment on the matter however she did say this, “We’re not just targeting females on their dress code. We haven’t made the finalized dress code for men yet but don’t worry. We’re going to keep a close eye on the male population. Starting with those not associated with Greek life.”