How Obama may have looked as a young boy, according to the Republicans.

In a shocking revelation, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney suggested that President Obama has purged God from his heart, citing Obama’s last minute request to reinsert ‘God’ into the platform at the DNC convention after it had been removed.

Progressive blogger and Unitarian Pastor Kimberly Blume-Jackson rebutted, “How dare Romney or anyone else say the President doesn’t have faith? I feel like these accusations are just a distraction from real issues such as LGBTQ equality and women’s health care.” With a sardonic smile, she added, “Is Romney trying to lose the election?”

Romney is following a greater Republican strategy to paint Obama as anti-Christ. Party members have previously criticized the President for his views on late-term and partial-birth abortion, same-sex marriage and requiring Catholic employers to provide insurance coverage for contraception, among other issues. Religion scholars believe that there are many ways to interpret the Bible, but Republicans are attacking Obama for supposedly rejecting the ancient text.

“The Repubs call themselves Christians, but they chow down at the shellfish bar, forget to atone for their sins with animal sacrifice,  [and] then they turn around and bash gays in the face. Way to cherry-pick through the Bible, hypocrites,” said Huffington Post commenter ProgressivePride2012. Another reader, who asked that his screen name be withheld, replied, “Christians have no right to call Obama anti-Christ. Obama should sue Romney and all the other haters for slander. I don’t want some imaginary fairy in the sky running my country. I want Obama.”